Wheels within wheels

Mark Wiedmer tries to figure out what’s going on in Knoxville with the Steele hire and draws a blank, but the effort is certainly popcorn worthy.

The best part is speculation that it’s leverage to bring Rodney Garner back home, in a manner of speaking.

… Let’s say that Pruitt, in a last gasp to save his job, has convinced Fulmer that the hiring of Steele — and the believed wooing of Rodney Garner to fill the vacant defensive line position — is all he needs to turn things around.

Steele is reportedly signed through the 2022 season for an annual salary of $450,000, so one can’t help but wonder if the athletic director in Fulmer has come to the conclusion that spending $900,000 on Steele and however much more it may take to land Garner is far more fiscally responsible than throwing away millions of dollars to rid the program of Pruitt before a couple of more seasons — Pruitt’s contract is currently set to expire in 2026 — greatly lessen his buyout.

Yet given the way the program appears to be trending, is that smart?

One thing you can say about Vol football is that smart left the building a long time ago.


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21 responses to “Wheels within wheels

  1. Down Island Way

    Upon averaging 41.5 for UGA football over the last 4 years, Smart is in the building , owns property and comes and goes as he see’s fit….

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  2. Rodney Garner isn’t going to leave Auburn now unless Harsin picks up on the scent that he’s mailing it in on the recruiting trail now.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    The problem is thisnguy thinks Pruitt is in control or making decisions. The Steele hire stinks of Fulmer’s back-up plan to have an interim on staff for when he fired Pruitt OR to have a DC on staff for when he does the same and heroically steps in to be the head coach that replaces the tarnished Pruitt.

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    • gastr1

      Did you read the article? He doesn’t make that assumption, seems to me.
      The whole thing is bizarre, but as usual with UT drama, I’ve got my popcorn and am pretty stoked to watch the in-flight feature.


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        At the end of the day, all our 90’s nightmares just make me appreciate what’s happened there over the last 20 years so much more.

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  4. armydawg

    Fulmer would have been a great KGB agent back in the day.


  5. gotthepicture

    If Pruitt can just hold out long enough until they expand the playoff to 64 teams, he’ll be alright.

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  6. originaluglydawg

    It’s a three ring circus with one ring still empty and Phil shaping the act for it behind a curtain.
    Enjoy your popcorn and beer but I wouldn’t stand too close.
    Methinks the tent catches fire, collapses and burns.
    Maybe the final act will be JP administering an ass-beating on Phil.

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    • Down Island Way

      The big urnge coach is undefeated in ass whuppin’s, that white board took a severe beating a couple seasons back…dough not hole phil ain’t even in his hemisphere….


  7. stoopnagle

    I couldn’t access the article, but I’m wondering how UT hired Steele if they’re under a hiring freeze for football?

    As I understand it, the context here is the UT Administration (and a segment of boosters) versus Pruitt and Fulmer (and, I presume, a Fulmerista segment of boosters). So either this is a move to pacify the admin/booster faction by the Pruitt/Fulmer side; or it was thrust on the Pruitt/Fulmer side by the admin? I don’t get the latter and the UT writer I follow thinks this is a Pruitt/Fulmer hire. Maybe he’s moving as fast as he can to get some stability?

    Whatever. There’s no stopping the deluge of players into the portal and the only remedy is winning and that a full 200+ days away (lucky for Pruitt, Bowling Green seems like easy pickings).


  8. practicaldawg

    I’m greatly confused about what’s happening there. Didn’t they lose a ton of coaches in the last few weeks? But there is some kind of hiring freeze? So they aren’t being replaced? Are they quitting football?


  9. It’s interesting how the same assistants keep moving around within the SEC. At some point you’d think the resume of being “from the South” and “in the best league” is overshadowed by their losing records. That said…you keep doing you USCe, Barn, UTe, gators, etc.

    Wait..we brought Muschamp home?


  10. Pruitt have better checked with his cardiologist already


  11. stoopnagle

    Do you think if Fulmer could get his hands on some Novichok that he, too, would put it in someone’s underpants?

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  12. Garner has been past his prime and living on this reputation for at least 15 years.