Cover that guy.

Well, shit.  The job for Georgia’s secondary in next season’s opener just got tougher.

Clemson standout wide receiver Justyn Ross, who missed the 2020 season with a spinal condition, will return to the team in 2021, he announced Thursday night on Twitter.

Ross in June underwent surgery for a congenital fusion in his spine. He suffered what was thought to be a shoulder injury during spring practice in March, but X-rays revealed that two vertebrae in his spine were fused.




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26 responses to “Cover that guy.

  1. munsonlarryfkajim

    Our players always seem to take a few games or even a full season to get back to form once recovered from an injury. I’m going to assume he will too. Glad he is healthy

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Can you say “jam him at the line”.

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  3. armydawg

    Just makes winning that much sweeter. Even if this guy is 100% I’m cautiously optimistic about our chances.

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  4. practicaldawg

    We are basically opening with a CFP game. It’s not going to be easy either way.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Why do it the easy way when you can make it hard?

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      • Tony BarnFart

        Fair point, but I’m of the mindset that the bigger picture is enjoyment, which to most fans a big part of is being amongst or rubbing shoulders with the best of the best as much as possible. It’s why Mississippi State is a bigger deal than Cincinnati. I hope we win the natty, but think of all the teams that yearn for possible playoff spots just so they can take a swing at big teams in big moments.

        And I’m not saying you buy into that mindset or anything. But if we don’t make the playoff because of losses to Clemson and Alabama (dec), you still got the chance to take that swing at them. To me, that’s such a better long term position (being a desired non-conf opponent) than trying to tease your schedule for a POSSIBLE playoff run.


  5. The Truth

    …and Clemson has to worry about covering Pickens.

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  6. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    I look forward to Mr. Cine introducing himself to that clemson fuckwad.
    if i could post his hit on Pitts, i would…reminds me of Greg Blue!

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    • classiccitycanine

      The hit on Pitts was inexcusable. Don’t brag about it.


      • PTC DAWG

        Was it before or after UF took the cheap shot on Stetson?


      • silvercreekdawg

        If Greg Blue or Thomas Davis laid that wood on Kyle Pitts during their playing days and under their rules, you’d feel differently.


      • Derek

        Really? I thought he tried to hit him the chest with his shoulder and that pitts ducked his head. Cine should have gone a bit lower to be certain but hardly “inexcusable.”

        This is inexcusable. And no flag. And he celebrated. And they brag about it.

        I don’t care for auburn.

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        • charlottedawg

          I to this day think that cine led with his shoulder, it was just one of those freak plays where everything happens so quickly.

          The rose green hit was dirty and for a moment I thought reggie brown was dead. Not surprising that Auburn celebrated it just like they did the multiple cheap shots from fairley on murray. FTMF, that applies to auburn and florida.

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      • ugafidelis

        The hit on Pitts was about as clean as they come on a receiver coming across the middle. Like Derek said, he could have gotten a little lower, but when he was the one that got ear-holed, you know it was within the limits of today’s contact rules.

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  7. Greg

    He’ll be tough….hopes Ringo develops, pretty sure he won’t be tossing him aside or beating him in a footrace.

    Honestly think we will be better than most think at D…..especially with all the key players coming back on DL. Probably more speed or at least as much at LB too.

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    • siskey

      Or if the defense is not good just concede 200 yards to Ross and make the others beat us. I don’t think that is a bad strategy. Clemson will have a new QB, new RB and if their game with OSU is a fair representation of their defense, then they have the same problem as Us. I think that the games in 2013 and 2014 are a good reference. Lots of scoring but hopefully our running attack provides the difference.

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  8. Russ

    Ruh roh, Scooby! Yeah, that guy is pretty good. Glad for him getting healthy and being able to play, though maybe he should ease into the schedule. Maybe 2nd or 3rd game?

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  9. gurkhadawg

    Damn, 21 for Bama was flying.


  10. Derek

    If we put Ukulele on his back it won’t matter.

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  11. Hobnail_Boot

    He’s unlikely to be part of Spring practice. That’s the kind of surgery you don’t mess around with.

    Huge talent but I’d be surprised if he resembles 2019 Ross in Charlotte.