Job opening

Just not the one we were expecting.


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  1. Ran A

    Kirby’s coaching tree continues to take roots in other places. Cannot fault a coach for moving up. Corey Raymond would be the choice, but I guess he turned down Texas and a LOT of money to stay at LSO.

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  2. Greg

    Congrats to him….but not sure if that is a big loss.


  3. ben

    Let’s see Kirby pick up an experienced secondary coach from Tuscaloosa.

    Nick Saban, welcome to your next challenge!


  4. rigger92

    Was that the FL DB coach we got from them recently?

    And I agree, not sure if this is a net loss for us or a net gain.

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  5. Maybe Stevenson knew.

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  6. rigger92

    I know we don’t do No Fun League, but I’m enjoying watching Chubb today.

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  7. Spell Dawg

    I would love to dig up and post to the 24/7 gator thread where they were poor-mouthing UGA hiring away their (to that point) beloved DB coach. They were crowing about the new DB coach taking his place (Robinson?), saying he was an upgrade over Warren. Fast forward to today, gators have canned said DB coach (in-lieu of Mullen firing Grantham) and Warren is getting a fairly large career upgrade. Priceless!

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    • 69Dawg

      Was that Chris Robinson that went to UGA.?????


      • SoCalDawg

        Yes, Christian Robinson, former UGA LB, is FU’s LB coach. He was set to join MacDonald @ Michigan yesterday (they coached together @ UGA) but is now considering a pay bump from Mullen to stay @ FU. Silly season in full flux.


    • Spell Dawg

      Ahhh shit, not Robinson, Torrian Gray is the DB coach they were crowing about back then that just got fired. Robinson didn’t get fired, but I was hoping he would take that UM job so I could hate-on CTG and crew without reservation. Hopefully he gets a huge pay bump if he stays. I always liked Christian, DGD in my book.


  8. rigger92

    And, there goes Mecole……oh what could have been.


  9. rigger92

    Jeebus, we need a TE like Kelce.


  10. There’s a pretty good DBs coach up in Knoxville who may be available before too long.

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  11. rigger92

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but, oh, for NFL refs. What an improvement.


  12. Derek

    Will Muschamp needs a job…

    We have a job….

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  13. Hobnail_Boot

    Congrats to Coach Warren.

    By all accounts he’s a standup guy. He did a good job at Georgia and is a proven recruiter. He may be on the fast track to bigger tho ha.

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  14. munsonlarryfkajim

    You know, The Whole COVID and 4th string walk on QB narratives seem to have made another narrative get lost.

    Remember that “dominant” 2019 defense? Yeah, it did not face many competent QBs. Lots of back ups – sometimes 3rd stringers. Everyone conveniently ignored that in the offseason in lauding our best defense evah. We saw what happened against good passing teams in 2020…