Numbers game

Also from Mike Griffith this morning:

The Georgia football roster has not yet been updated online and has been fluid to say the least, as DawgNation has worked to keep up with via our ever-changing transaction post.

By one “unofficial” count, there are currently 82 players on scholarship who are enrolled in the program. And, by “unofficial” that means there could be more roster turnover that has taken place but not yet been made official.

Georgia is expected to add at least eight or nine more players to the roster before next season, meaning that more attrition from the list below is a certainty.

The big question: Who’s out?

No, I have no idea why “unofficial” is in quote marks.  If he’s right about the additions, of course there will have to be some roster management, because 90 or 91 is well above the 85-scholarship limit.

Unlike Griffith, I’m more interested in the arrivals than the departures.  I can see a couple more 2021 signees and a couple of incoming transfers, but eight or nine fresh faces?  Any ideas whom he’s referring to?


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  1. Dawg in Austin

    4 more signees and 2-3 transfers was my expectation. That’s 6-7, which is easily doable. I think we also need to consider blue shirts, which is made easier by the pandemic preventing official visits.


  2. beatarmy92

    Shaffer and probably Rochester won’t count against the 85 effectively making the limit 87 instead of 85. Not sure how many if any are similarly taking the extra year and won’t count against the 85.


  3. Greg

    Griffith kinda just grows on ya, part of the scenery…..Conner, won’t even click on.

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    • Remember the Quincy

      It’s hard to see how Connor gets a paycheck. He mainly checks social media and complies people’s posts in reaction to actual news. There’s nothing substantive that comes from his keyboard.

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      • Greg

        Yep, or it is old news….read the headlines of an article he wrote last week that said:

        “Quincy Throws Five Interceptions In Dawgs Embarrassing Loss To South Carolina”

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      • classiccitycanine

        The chase for clicks/eyeballs/ad money has really debased the media–especially sports media.

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        • Down Island Way

          Have no friggin’ idea why this guy would remotely step into a area that CKS excels in, if dude is gonna walk into a mine field, choose a field with better survival rate ….CKS is keeping score jack….(at least a media analyst is)


        • Remember the Quincy

          I was a journalism grad from the Grady College at UGA. I’ve spent my 17 years in print media, on the advertising side. I worked with some incredible journalists (all in local newspapers no larger than a weekly), but the last ten years has been brutal. I’ve seen some very good investigative journalists cut out if the picture and replaced with new college graduates with zero experience, all to increase profit margins. And nearly all of them are judged based on traffic to their stories.

          It’s a damned shame, and one reason I’m all but done in this field.

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  4. theorginaldawgabides

    Well we know Schaffer and Wyatt won’t count against the 85. I’ve read reports where Robertson is planning to come back. I don’t think it’s been determined yet if Rochester is going to attempt a comeback from his second ACL tear. That should be all the seniors that possibly could be on the roster.

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  5. mwodieseldawg

    Any way the ncaa will give schools some relief from the 85 since some players could come back due to the free covid year?


    • dawg100

      They hadn’t addressed it which caused confusion, but they will have to, otherwise the incoming classes would put most every team over and skew the classes.


  6. stoopnagle

    Mike Griffith getting something wrong? You don’t say?

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  7. gurkhadawg

    The way Kirby works the transfer portal, 8 or 9 wouldn’t surprise me. If he ID’s a player who can help, he grabs them and worries about roster limits later. At least that is the way it seems to me.


  8. I laugh in mark richt.


  9. argondawg

    Just from the numbers it looks like a max of 4 maybe 5 more players. ! or 2 for this class of freshmen and probably 2or 3 transfers just depending on who is available. 9 is ridiculous. No need to spend those for the sake of spending them. they can use them next year as carry over.