Quite the track record you got there

If at first you don’t succeed…

LOL.  Meanwhile, you can bookend the legacy of the Coach Who Isn’t Greg Schiano between these two quotes ($$):

In the months before Jeremy Pruitt’s first game as Tennessee’s coach, a person close to Pruitt offered The Athletic a frank assessment of how his first head coaching tenure would play out.

“In three years, he’ll either have them in the Playoff or on probation,” the person said…

“When I took the job, I sat down with Coach Fulmer and he looked me dead in the eye and he said the head coach at Tennessee is going to be judged on three games: Florida, Georgia and Alabama,” Pruitt said at the lectern of a Rotary Club meeting back in 2018.

The thing is, Travis, shtick and all, probably couldn’t do a worse job hiring a football coach than UT’s last few athletic directors have.


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16 responses to “Quite the track record you got there

  1. J.R. Clark

    Clay Travis doubles down on stupid? I’m shocked!

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  2. Down Island Way

    Only way dough nut hole phil is ever gonna “looked me dead in the eye” is when the “Hot-n-Fresh” neon sign is blazing…he may give contract extensions away like candy and recruiting (payments) are on schedule…don’t get in front of this man when the glaze on those round nuggets of life are dripping wet…


  3. fisheriesdawg

    “A person close to Pruitt told the Athletic…”

    There’s a writer at the Athletic who wrote a book about a head coach at an SEC school very near most of us. This coach worked with Pruitt under Saban. I’m guessing said head coach is the source of that quote.


  4. MGW

    Not to go all “in the arena” here but don’t we all feel that way about hiring coaches? And play calling? Etc?


  5. Rush Limbvol opens his mouth, and the stupid just flows like a river.

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  6. Can’t help but notice that Tennessee’s descent into dumpster-fire status has coincided almost exactly with Clay Travis’ rise in prominence. Not saying there’s a connection; just throwing that out there.

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  7. dawgman3000

    My oh my! That neon green glow from Knoxnobyl radiates brightly! Why does everyone think that Peyton Manning is qualified for that job? Does he even have any coaching experience?


    • Got Cowdog

      @ you and Ace below: “Everyone” is mostly delusional, punch-drunk, vowel fans reeling about looking for a savior. I posted it in another section but I don’t think PM is dumb enough not to realize what he’d be getting into but if he is?
      The vols turning on Peyton would complete the destruction. That would be the concrete cap on the smoking, glowing, poisoned crater that was ut football.

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      • RangerRuss

        Yessss, karma consummated. PM can lead the urnge hoodgie band over the edge of Lookout Mountain playing Rocky Top all the way down.
        Bunch of fuckn assholes.

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  8. Ace Harris

    Peyton would be taking a big pay cut no matter what they paid him. He is a walking, talking money generating machine, what say you!!!!!

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  9. miltondawg

    Aside from Pruitt, I think it was nine staffers as well or maybe it was nine including Pruitt. Either way, and whether or not Pruitt had knowledge or was active participating, if the allegations of recruiting violations run that deep and involve that many people this didn’t just start occurring in the last year. Will be interesting to see if Will Friend gets any collateral damage from the nuclear implosion in Knoxville.


    • Down Island Way

      Would like to know how long it took jim chaney to throw on that big urnge asbestos suit and get down the interstate….


  10. Tony BarnFart

    No mention from Clay “I’m a Lawyer” Travis about everything you said in the Lawyer up, Sluggo post. Just celebratory about how much $$ Tennessee has to work with because “they don’t have to pay a buyout.” Real 3D chess from a guy who has clearly, clearly practiced tons of law.