TFW your reputation precedes you

Ouch.  That’s gonna leave a mark.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Mark Stoops is a fantastic coach.

    If he’s truly smart he’ll stay at Kentucky for his entire career and probably win one or two East Divisions in the next 20 years or leave for the Oklahoma job, which is pretty much an autopilot job, when Lincoln Riley leaves for the NFL.

    The stupid thing would be to leave Kentucky where he’s beloved and can return as their greatest coach ever to go take over a former-blue blood program like Nebraska with absolutely no way to meet fan expectations. Or Tennessee for that matter.

    Here’s hoping he’s smart.

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  2. Derek

    Mark Stoops willingness to say this without repercussion makes me wonder what happened to the “they’re getting paid by boosters anyway” and “cheating isn’t punished” narrative over the past two days?

    Seems to me that we have a glaring example of the unlikelihood that sec football is the wild wild west some like to suggest it is and the risks inherent in trying to make it so.

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    • PTC DAWG

      I think you could find some dirt on most any team competing at the highest level….JMHO.

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    • TripleB

      Is it naive to think that all of the information and outlets out there, especially social media, make it harder for cheating these days? Seems like it is much harder to hide now days.


    • winodawg

      Dan Patrick announced on his show about 2 weeks ago that UT was in hot water. His source also said Georgia was next on the NCAA’s radar. Wonder if Uga narced out Pruitt and he returned the favor.


      • godawgs1701

        If there is even a small hint of anything improper going on at Georgia, I would be very, very surprised if UGA had anything to do with Pruitt’s downfall given that Pruitt has intimate knowledge of Georgia’s operations and also Kirby’s modus operandi. That would be beyond stupid.


  3. bucketheridge

    A little odd to give an ellipsis to: “Did I see it coming? Yes, I’m grateful it came.”


  4. Down Island Way

    Sometimes that leaves a mark…this time Bluto, you are on the “mark”….


  5. siskey

    Sankey needs to get on top of this shit. What may bring parity to college football is a bunch of SEC programs turning into the Southwest Conference from the early 80s.
    Hopefully, he remembers the lessons from Slive and gets these guys under control before they start narcing on one another for soundbites.

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  6. W

    Meh. KY roundball is gross. High grounding by this Roush fella and other big blue beat writers is lame as hell.


  7. miltondawg

    My guess, and it is only a guess, is that it became common knowledge in the recruiting arena that UT was dirty as hell. That convenient, credible tip made to the university might well have come from or by way of another school that was fed up. Pruitt, and perhaps this is giving him too much credit, had to have known three years ago that UT’s home state didn’t have enough high end talent to make UT relevant especially considering that the best, if good enough, would also be recruited by every other major program. Would be interesting to know if the recruiting BS started immediately because he knew he couldn’t compete on on the recruiting trail or if started more recently because he found out the hard way that he couldn’t get the kids to Knoxville without doing it.

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  8. Anon

    Has anyone heard what infractions are? Paying player? Paying parents? Hookers and blow? Free shoes? Any ideas ? I’ll even listen to rumors? What players names are implicated?


    • bucketheridge

      That tweet cites a report from Dan Patrick that coaches were handing out cash in McDonald’s bags. I find that hard to believe, even for the Vols.

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      • miltondawg

        All that the school said was that there were Level I and Level II violations. Level I is substantial and egregious. Level II doesn’t rise to the level of Level I but are still pretty bad. Level I alleged against Pruitt could be failure of the head coach to oversee compliance, cash or other improper benefits, academic misconduct, etc. The Chancellor stated that the number of violations was significant, the number of individuals involved was significant, and there were deliberate efforts to conceal the improper activities from the compliance office.

        This is what Dan Patrick said on his show today:

        “You literally had bag men. They put the cash in McDonald’s bags and handed it to the recruits. My source said they were so in your face with this—they weren’t even trying to hide it. And that’s where my source said: ‘Tennessee got sloppy. Georgia has gotten sloppy.’ But there’s been no word on the NCAA looking at Georgia. But Tennessee, they got sloppy, and they were handing out cash in McDonald’s bags.”

        Don’t like to see Georgia in that quote.

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        • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

          Massive grain of salt when it comes to Dan Patrick’s CFB “sources.”

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        • Biggen

          He said the same thing about UGA two or three weeks ago when the story broke. He said then that “Georgia got sloppy”.

          He is full of shit. He is hoping and praying his source is right about us to make him look better. That is why he brought it back up again today.

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        • Anon

          Tossing UGA in the conversation is concerning. I can’t see Kirby ever approving that or even hiring someone that is capable of that? He wouldn’t be able to face his family I don’t think. At some point when these opportunities arise to violate rules you have to have a moment of clarity and think. “How do I explain this to my family”??? And that probably prevents a lot of from doing a lot of stupid shit that pops in our mind.


      • Munsoning

        Cash in McDonald’s bags? That sounds a little too fancy for Pruitt. If you told me the cash came in Rally’s bags I’d believe you.

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  9. 69Dawg

    This one might just come out in court. JP seems to be willing to go to the wall and sue for his. Ice Cream wouldn’t melt in Fullmer’s mouth at the press conference. We will see if the NCAA has the stomach for this investigation with all the DC playa’s lining up to end them. Ole Mark E. done got himself and the NCAA in one hell of a pickle.


  10. When Kentucky’s head coach is taking shots at you, it isn’t a good for Tennessee.

    What a shame.

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  11. practicaldawg

    “Big Take” Mark Stoops


  12. Hobnail_Boot

    I’ve said it elsewhere but it bears repeating:

    Tennessee is Kentucky with worse colors.
    Tennessee is Georgia Tech with a bigger stadium.

    Not “could be”. Is.


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  13. stoopnagle

    What’s better? Florida throwing the CFP chances 20 yards downfield or Tennessee shooting themselves in the face? It’s tough, but times are pretty good, I must say.

    Shit, and we’re not even talking about North Avenue.