400 yards

Another David Hale data dump:

I don’t have to tell you what Georgia’s four-game streak neatly coincides with, do I?

You may not be impressed with that defensive streak, but not many teams on that list faced Alabama (4th in offensive yards per game) and Florida (9th).  Beyond that, six of Georgia’s ten opponents finished their games with less than 300 yards of total offense.  Bottom line, Georgia’s problem on defense is figuring out how to corral explosive offenses — or, at the least, figuring out how to limit them enough to give the Dawgs a chance to win shootouts.



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  1. Down Island Way

    Quality QB plus madman OC Monken = the Dawgs a chance to win shootouts. (“D”/SpecialTeams) alright ya got me, need a total UGA team effort….

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  2. Remember the Quincy

    No defense shuts everyone down. Bama had a historic season and still gave up the most yards they’ve ever given up in a game to Ole Miss, and Florida nearly hung half a hundred on them.

    A solid D is needed but just know it’s probably going to get worn out against the more prolific offenses. No one is holding Bama to 300 yards.

    Just got to out-race them with your own offense. And that’s what I think we can do with the setup we have now.

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  3. biggusrickus

    They would have been okay against Alabama and Florida with a functioning passing game. They may or may not have won the Alabama game, but it wouldn’t have gotten away from them. I’m convinced they would have been Florida if Bennett had simply had a functional shoulder. With Daniels, they probably would have won comfortably.

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  4. gastr1

    Not so log ago it seems Georgia was at the top of the country in limiting explosive plays. No doubt things are different from whenever that was (2017?), but yeah, the hell with havoc, let’s limit explosiveness (if it must be a choice).

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  5. miltondawg

    College football has evolved to being about getting just enough defensive stops at the right moments in games, not about consistently stopping the opponent throughout the game. Against 2020 Bama and 2019 LSU, you had to get the stops but you also absolutely had to capitalize with points, and mostly touchdowns, on those stops and offensive mistakes by the other team.

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  6. It would have been nice to have some of those defenders back but maybe it’ll give the staff even more reason to go wide open offensively and never let off. Will it be enough to at least get to the playoffs? We’ll see.