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I don’t know if you’ve seen the latest clip, where he provides some specific allegations about what got Jeremy Pruitt in trouble and doubles down on Georgia (no specifics, though), but if you haven’t, here ’tis:

“Sloppy” is his big word here.  The Vols were sloppy.  Georgia was sloppy.

Well, as much as I have enjoyed watching the debacle in Knoxville unfold, even I can’t buy Mickey D bags o’ cash.  That’s so far beyond sloppy that were it true, UT should have fired Pruitt just for being galactically moronic.  (Before you go there, I said “galactically”.)

And as for Georgia, the school has already taken the unprecedented step of denying Patrick’s claim publicly.  Beyond that, though, of all the criticisms we could lay at the feet of Kirby Smart, sloppiness ain’t one of them.  Let’s just say that without getting into sausage making details, I’ve love to know how Dan’s source came by his information.  I’m guessing it’s not exactly first hand.  In other words, there’s never a bad time to cast aspersions on the recruiting trail, and if you can stir a little unwanted shit in another direction, it’s almost a bonus.

That being said, I have to admit I would enjoy it immensely if UT were to hire Jason Witten as its next head coach.  I can never get enough of watching the Urnge inmates run the asylum.



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  1. Biggen

    At what point does what Patrick say become slanderous? UGA has already denied it, yet, he has leveled accusation twice now on the radio.

    Does UGA legal send him a strongly worded letter threatening action if he keeps up his shtick or simply ignore him from here on out since its already been addressed?

    It shouldn’t have to be said, but there is no damn way Kirby Friggin Smart is putting money in McDonalds bags. The whole thing is beyond ridiculous.

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    • Texas Dawg

      Patrick has done a good job of slinging innuendo UGAs way without really saying anything. To use one of the Senators favorite lines, Sloppy is doing a lot of heavy lifting. He throws it out there right next to Tennessee’s McDonalds bags of cash. If called on the carpet I’m sure that he would say “oh no, I never said or implied that. I just meant UGA got sloppy by making one too many phone calls or calling a recruit 30 seconds too early”.

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    • TN Dawg

      Well, if you sue him….depositions, discovery, etc.

      I mean I guess if we really believe we are squeaky clean, yeah, go for it.

      I’m not delusional enough to believe that.


      • Biggen

        Yeah I have no clue about legal stuff. I’m just wondering if a strongly worded letter would be appropriate if he keeps up the “Georgia got sloppy” narrative.


  2. drunkenmonken

    This shit will blow up and become the narrative for the off-season and into the season. Just like there wasn’t a qb controversy between Fields and Fromm, until the talking heads ran their holes ad nauseum.


  3. Remember the Quincy

    I’ve heard Dan Patrick’s name more this past week than I have in the last five years. He wouldn’t be throwing these baseless claims out there to drum up a little PR for himself, would he? 🤔

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  4. practicaldawg

    So far, “sloppy” seems to describe Dan Patrick’s “journalism” skills. On the other hand, he’s just doing his job. Facts are the last thing you need to generate clicks and page views.

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ahh, the Ace Journalist’s M.O. Do something, anything that gets attention, drive right up to and probably over the line of malice, then cloak self in righteous ‘right to know’ motivation (while making a profit), shout ‘First Amendment’, and say ‘sue me’.
    I regret any offense to the journalist who owns this blog and the ones who come here. I’m a lawyer and no profession takes more justified crap than lawyers. But, the rest of us are liable for our sins and there’s nothing in the first amendment that excuses journalists. Overrule Sullivan vs. New York Times, make ’em liable, and let ’em buy liability insurance like the rest of us.

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    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      ^^This. Times v. Sullivan is where the nation lost control of the media. That case is the very foundation of fake news. That case is the basis by which media hacks get away with printing falsehoods that destroy peoples’ lives. Make media legally accountable for false statements and everything cleans up over night.

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      • miltondawg

        Couldn’t agree more (and I am also an attorney). The actual malice standard is rather absurd to me. I never understood the basis for the fact that if one is a public official or figure they have to prove that the person committing libel actually knew that it was false or recklessly disregarded whether or not it was false. At the time of Sullivan, I get it. Right in the middle of the civil rights movement and public officials in the south were trying to use libel cases to prevent media coverage of what was going on. But Eric points out, the media is out of control across the board and can say or publish nearly anything without fear of repercussion.


    • He’s not a journalist. He’s a sports radio show host.

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  6. bucketheridge

    As I said in a comment yesterday, that bag allegation is too much. And to top that with Jason Whitten, good Lord.

    Maybe Dan Patrick is trying to beat Clay Travis in the race to the bottom on Travis’s home turf?


  7. RC

    I just still don’t get DP’s interest in any of this. He has been nothing but a class act over his career, and the very antithesis of the modern click-baiting, pot-stirring “journalist.” This sort of thing just isn’t his style. Not to mention that he is by and large a pro sports guy. I just don’t get it.

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  8. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    my cynic in me has this shade of pooh originating from Tuscaloosa…look at how they have taken down those that have challenged them in the recent past…
    – the mysterious timing on video of Ole miss smokin bong mask and Freeze’s burners after beatin bama
    – look at red stick melting down after beatin bama
    – UT easy “rival” target with a ricochet to uga…the folks recruiting at their level and breathing hard down their neck with a very promising 2021 team

    i can assure everyone that no uga coaches are handing out unmarked bills in fast food paper bags


  9. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Dan Patrick is an asshole who doesn’t know shit about college football, whose college football “sources” has had him report on radio some ridiculously untrue things (Wisconsin ending their season early and turning their stadium into a covid hospital), and whose show is less and less relevant by the day.

    Fuck that motherfucker for keep trying to us to this.

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  10. If the same source that says UGA got sloppy also gave him the Jason Witten intel, it’s time for Dan to find a new source

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  11. Got Cowdog

    I’m not a lawyer or a Journalist, simply a Georgia fan enjoying watching the vowels writhe in agony. Therefore I’m not above a little rumormongering.
    Second hand from a High School Coach via Got Sr.: “Tennessee recruiters are forever doing shit like this. They probably had the bags of cash set up like a lunch table, the recruits walk up and grab a bag for lunch then lo and behold there’s Benjamin and his friends where the napkins should be.”
    So I asked “No shit?”
    “No shit.”
    “How much cash we talkin’ here?”
    “I didn’t ask, he didn’t say.”
    “Well shit, Pop. You need to work on your investigative skills.”
    “I don’t care what that bunch of fuckin’ hillbillies do.”

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  12. Has Dan Patrick really been relevant since SportsCenter and morning call-ins to 96 rock.?

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  13. originaluglydawg

    Dan the dickhead.


  14. dawgman3000

    Accusing UGA of paying recruits is like saying that a eskimo has to pay for ice. UGA sells itself to top notch athletes right there in its own backyard. So unless Dan Patrick can provide some evidence, he should just shut his mouth.

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  15. Add (Clemson) Packer to the “Georgia may have…” list of irresponsible journalists. On Yesterday’s ESPNU Sirius radio broadcast he dropped that innuendo into his monologue. Before the control burn jumped the firebreak at 10RC it was obvious their attempt, as Senator has pointed out, to deflect. Interestingly the target is in regards to (poorly disguised) the recruitment of Amerius Mims. Conveniently 10RC (and their minions) left two recruits that were on the same recruiting visit names out of the discussion. Hmm?! I wonder why?! Oh could it be because they signed with 10RC?!

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  16. biggusrickus

    I mean, on one level, sure, “Georgia” is paying players in some capacity. On another, so is everyone else. Singling Georgia out for innuendo doesn’t make much sense unless Patrick has some kind of vendetta.


  17. charlottedawg

    Until proven otherwise the NCAA will try to fuck georgia given any opportunity because institutionally we have a track record of bending over backwards to punish ourselves. One statement denying the allegations doesn’t change that, I’ll believe a new day has dawned in uga athletics when the AD finally grows a spine and tells the NCAA to fuck off knowing it doesn’t really have the stomach to chase things down for non cooperaters.

    That being said, am I going to not laugh at Tennessee for the ever growing dumpster fire they are? Uh….hell no. Hahaha

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  18. Eh – This is not a good thing guys. No sense in going all Q-Anon trying to come up with a conspiracy against UGA.


  19. Tim B

    Sadly, where there is smoke, there us usually fire at UGA. From A.J. Green to Gurley to more recently the surprising Mays and Sanders transfers in the past two years. Every time dawgs fans were blindsided after denying the rumors. Wouldn’t it be the bulldawg way for them to be disqualified from a bowl appearance next year.


    • RangerRuss

      Did The Lords Of The Underworld break up again? You got nothing better to do than spread innuendo?
      Live a lie! Timmah!


  20. Ozam

    Dan Patrick’s comments are symptomatic of a much larger problem in today’s connected world. Anyone with access to a computer can say whatever they want, whenever they want to a wide audience without recourse. Watch the TV show Black Mirror on Netflix to see social media taken to its extremes. Pretty scary and it is happening right in front of us…

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  21. Fulmer and Pruitt are two of the biggest snakes in cfb so I’m certain his(DP) sources originate there. No idea if they actually have anything on us but I don’t doubt that someone has gotten paid. It almost seems delusional to think it doesn’t happen across most of P5. Imo, what gets you caught is 1) doing it almost mafia-like, pointed out by this post, or, 2) pissing off the wrong person or people. That could be anyone from former recruits or players to their families or boosters and staff.

    It’s sounding like Tennessee has had a perfect storm of impropriety, losing, a big mouth coach and boosters running the asylum. No idea if it’s true but I’ve heard that some Tennessee boosters were behind these issues coming to light. They basically self-snitched to burn it all to the ground and start over.


  22. Charles Jackson

    UF and UT are the ones slinging this mud toward UGA. They are beyond embarrassed that they now both will be on probation at the same time. They cannot fathom the thought that UGA does not need to cheat to attract top athletes. Kirbs is living rent free in the brains of UF and UT. It’s a beautiful thing.

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    • classiccitycanine

      I’m sure someone is paying our players too. We’re just smart enough to (hopefully) not get caught.


      • Charles Jackson

        I disagree. I believe UGA is a school that does not need to cheat in order to attract top tier athletes, most of which are already in the state.


        • classiccitycanine

          I didn’t say UGA was coordinating payments. Every SEC team has bag men. Some of those boosters are just more effective than others at hiding it.


  23. David D

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan has a Gator graduate/intern on his staff. FTMF.