When you’re Nick Saban, all the world’s a reclamation project.  Maybe Donald Trump should reach out for an analyst position.



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  1. armydawg

    Maybe I missed it, but who is Saban’s new OC?


  2. Saban is collecting fired coaches like Nebchadnezzar collected kings. I wonder if he’ll parade all the guys during a donor event to show off his conquests.

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  3. chopdawg

    The Donald has already applied to the NOAA. He wants to be a weather-map artist.

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  4. Rehabbing former Donnan staffers is really upping the difficulty setting. But if he wants to play NCAA on VERY EXTRA SUPER HARD mode, he’ll hire Schotty as his next OC.

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  5. biggusrickus

    I think Marrone’s actually a good coach. The issues in Jacksonville had more to do with poor management and bad personnel decisions than his coaching ability.

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    • miltondawg

      I agree. Add in free agents not wanting to play there, poor ownership, and a city that acts like they don’t want the franchise to stay (refusal to upgrade stadium and last week’s city council defeat of the Lot J redevelopment), and Marrone was working against a stacked deck. I don’t expect the Jags to be in Jax for long and that means WLOCP in a few years will be like playing in Jax in the early 90s (what a shitty stadium that was).

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      • 69Dawg

        Man you hit the nail on the head. Before the Jags that place was a dump, with toilets overflowing, rats everywhere. Terrible.


  6. The Saban School for Wayward Boys continues to improve enrollment.

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  7. Norman McDonald

    And you think Saban hasn’t got time for the press’s ish…


  8. 69Dawg

    You’ve got to admire the way he has effectively turned the Tide into a pro team. Now if the NCAA loses on the NIL thing it is all over for the rest of us.