While you were watching Boom…

Kirbs made an under the radar staffing hire.

Georgia has reportedly added to its support staff with a position coach with SEC ties. On Wednesday, FootballScoop reported that UT-Martin defensive line coach Ryan Osborn will be joining Georgia’s staff in an off-the-field capacity. He also held the title of run game coordinator and co-special teams coordinator. The Skyhawks saw their season delayed until this spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so Osborn will be leaving as the Skyhawks prepare for a spring football season.

Yeah, so, you ask?  What’s the big deal about Osborn?  Welp,

Before his time at UT Marin, he spent two seasons as a defensive graduate assistant at Florida, working under Dan Mullen and defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. In that time, the Gators were first in the SEC in interceptions, tackles for loss, sacks, and red zone defense and second in both total defense and scoring defense. His bio notes that his duties in Gainesville included running the opponent’s offensive scout team and being responsible for weekly scouting reports on the opponent’s run game and pass protection. Osborn spent another two seasons under Mullen at Mississippi State as a defensive graduate assistant, helping with linebackers and post-game grades in 2016 and outside linebackers, run game, and pass protections in 2017.

Somebody’s doing his damnedest to cover every possible preparation angle for this year’s Cocktail Party.



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30 responses to “While you were watching Boom…

  1. siskey

    Saban is hiring former NFL coaches and Kirby is getting guys from UT Martin. I kid, I kid. I like how Kirby gets up and coming guys that this guy knows Grantham inside and out helps (although I think a lot of people on this board could accurately call his next defensive play based on down/emotion/towel happenings).


  2. Granthams Replacement

    Saban taught him well.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Grantham is gonna have to make his signals even more confusing.

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  4. dawgphan34

    Framing this as something that will help UGA win in Jacksonville is a weird framing and one that does Smart no favors.

    Does Smart really think he needs someone who worked under Grantham and Mullen to help him beat them when he has clearly superior talent all over the field.

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  5. mddawg

    Kirby’s trying to lock up the Cocktail Party but also still chasing that havoc rate. It’ll be interesting to see if we can get more disruptive on defense without also giving up more explosive plays.

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  6. gastr1

    Well, I was mostly watching Days of Vol Lives, but ok, sameses.

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  7. akascuba

    If anyone thinks Kirby feels different about FU than the Ole Ball Sack feels about Georgia I would strongly disagree.
    As long as Kirby is our fearless leader that game will be circled on the schedule as must win.

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  8. Ace Harris

    After watching last years debacle at Fla. I just am not that confident about Kirby in THE game. Face it, we couldn’t have been any more poorly prepared. One chink in Kirby’s armor is on the field coaching, just sayin!

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    • munsonlarryfkajim

      You serious Clark? I’ll admit it wasn’t our finest hour especially defensively but we did jump out to a 14-0 lead. To say we “couldn’t have been any more poorly prepared” seems a bit much to me. We were also a dropped pick-6 from being within 1 score late with complete and total incompetence at QB.

      A lot of people criticize Kirby but i think of you objectively look at the facts, 2020 may have been his best coaching job given the deficit of talent at QB

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      • originaluglydawg

        If you’ll remember, SB threw a strike for the TD that had us up by 14, and on that very play, a late hit bruised shoulder. The Dawgs had the handbags on their heels and that late hit made the difference. Bennett couldn’t throw much at all after that. The kid is a DGD and a gamer and deserves better than to be called , “total and complete incompetent”.
        (I don’t think you meant it personally towards him..I understand what you’re saying. But he did win us some games and may have won that one sans the late hit shoulder injury).
        That particular play, where the Florida player laid that nasty, late hit on SB, is the primary reason that I went from disliking Mullen to loathing his hypocritical, goofy ass.
        You can bet that Kirby Smart noticed Mullen’s assholery and will be looking to get some sweet and deep revenge.
        I hope the Dawgs are up by 94 on their last drive and Kirby sends Stetson in to throw a TD to make it 100.

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        • I want to beat the 1942 75-0 record.

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        • munsonlarryfkajim

          To be clear, my comment about total and complete incompetence at QB was in reference to Mathis coming on in relief of Bennett. Yes Bennett is a baller and good story, but we’ve all seen his ceiling.


        • Russ

          …and then go for two.

          Because we couldn’t go for three.

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        • James A Mercer Jr

          Good on you, OUD, it’s good to see someone realize the debt we owe SB. He’s a DGD in all phases..came to us after being ignored in high school, played his heart out and worked up our scout team, earned the admiration of his teammates and came back to booster our QB reserve. I get so damned tired of the ingrate commenters who think they know more than the coaching staff and put down DGDs who work and sacrifice for the team.


    • Greg

      go back and watch the game again and tell us what you would have done differently.


    • Go look in the Lexicon for the definition of “big game”


  9. Given the nose dive in their defense, it does seem like he came up with some damned good scouting reports.


  10. argondawg

    Yeah this is the guy that gets sloppy in recruiting. He is about as detail oriented as they come.

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  11. Kirby goes out and brings in two coaches with direct knowledge of the two programs most likely to get in the way of our goals next season. Kirby feels a sense of urgency and is trying to win the mother next season. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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  12. Brock V is national QB of the year. Please dont fuck this up Kirby.

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