The state is loaded.

Thought this was interesting enough to share:

Keep in mind that’s not simply reflective of the geographic shift after Malzahn’s hire.  He chose to emphasize Georgia more after Kirby Smart came on board and upped Georgia’s recruiting from where Richt had it.  What does that tell you about the level of talent high schools in this state crank out year after year?

What does that tell you about how lazy a recruiter Paul Johnson was?


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  1. Derek

    I’d say that early map (2000-2008) is a reflection of Alabama being down more than anything else. Once Alabama started getting first pick again, Auburn had to start looking elsewhere. Same as it ever was.

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  2. For all the talk of Kirby’s reluctance to adapt to the new reality of the college game, Fish Fry’s downright refusal to do it is the main reason Fech is where they are right now. All of those 3-star players that Gailey would get are going to other schools because Johnson hated to recruit and didn’t want to change his system. When a parent is presented with an opportunity for his/her son to get an education at Georgia Tech vs. Auburn, South Carolina, Tennessee, etc. if the football was equal, it’s a no brainer. It’s why Calvin Johnson went to Tech (if Georgia had an engineering school then, Megatron plays with David Greene, DJ Shockley and Matthew Stafford instead of Reggie Ball).

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    • gastr1

      There’s a reason those otherwise successful academy coaches running wishbone offenses a) do that and b) won’t be hired by any major program any time soon: Hiring one of those guys to do that to your program is an admission that you cannot compete any other way and you need to run a gimmick with inferior talent to stay on the field at all.

      As the Tech people are seeing, it’s pretty much a death penalty for the competitiveness of your program.

      They should be rue the day that troll Fish Fry was allowed to touch their program, because it will years–possibly decades–until they’re competitive again.

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  3. Granthams Replacement

    If Auburn doesn’t recruit Georgia well 2-3 years later it shows in the W total. It’s been that way well before 2000.

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    • Greg

      Got a few friends that I grew up with that played there. You would always see an Auburn guy there at our Spring training practices there scouting & making notes…..never a UGA guy.

      So yes….you are correct. They made a good living recruiting in Georgia in the past. It shows when they don’t.


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Part of Auburn recruiting Georgia more is that Kirby recruits nationally. There are a lot of good players in Georgia, without a doubt, but sometimes there are players elsewhere that you just need to get if they are willing to come, and we can only take so many.

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  5. archiecreek

    Did Calvin Johnson go to the trade school for an engineering degree??
    What was his record against UGA?
    Thank the Good Lord he had Stafford as his QB!!


  6. TripleB

    One thing that I think helps Auburn is its proximity to SW Georgia. A lot of people around here are really Auburn oriented.

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  7. RangerRuss

    How lazy a recruiter was ol turkey-neck fish fry? Arrogantly lazy, sorry, worthless, and ultimately a loser. I appreciate all he didn’t do for those cheesedick nerds.
    The shithead.

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  8. archiecreek

    Dayum RR,
    I agree with you 200%!
    That’s why paulTHEjohnson needed a…..

    I wonder if the “cheesedick nerds” miss him?
    That capris pants wearing schmuck on a shtick is Booch with no playas!!

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    • RangerRuss

      Thanks AC. Johnson looks as if he smells like piss. Maybe that’s why they wear yellow. The entire nerdnation is a bunch of piss-your-pants, cheesedick, mung-scrotum, sissies.
      Except for the chop blocking knee and ankle injuries inflicted on the Dawgs D it’s a shame to see ol PeeJay gone. Kirby had his number. The time spent preparing for that triple option instilled discipline that came in handy during the Rose Bowl and other times opponents tried to spring an option surprise on the Dawgs D.

      Fell asleep watching that NFL crap. Now I’m watching the Peach Bowl for the first time since it originally aired. Cincy would’ve been a more worthy choice for the playoffs than ND.