You’re not in Tuscaloosa anymore, Sark.

You’re in Austin now.

Coming out of Thursday, Mike Stoops was all set to join Steve Sarkisian’s staff at Texas.

That’s not the case anymore, though.

So what changed?

… Sarkisian, the former Alabama offensive coordinator, shared during that call that he could no longer make the hire. Multiple sources referenced that backlash regarding the potential of hiring Stoops may have played a role in eliminating the possibility.

Can you imagine how Nick Saban would react to being told that a booster or boosters objected to him hiring somebody and he couldn’t proceed with his plans?

So much for burnt orange Process.


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55 responses to “You’re not in Tuscaloosa anymore, Sark.

  1. aucarson

    You would think the Whorn boosters would love having a Stoops on a leash, much like when Saban had ex-UT coach Booch.

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  2. Derek

    The texas boosters haven’t been wrong yet have they?

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  3. Wow … I wish we had that kind of pull when Richt hired Schitty.

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    • Derek

      When I weigh Russell Wilson’s experience, qualifications, achievements, position, working relationship and opinion of Brian vs. blog commenters how can you go with Wilson on this issue?

      Russell doesn’t know anything about offensive football at least not as compared to blog commenters.

      Some might say that coaching Greyson Lambert into playing 2 straight games of football with only two balls hitting the ground is an accomplishment. But I mean, who hasn’t done tgat? The list of terrible, mediocre, nutless wonder qbs with that sort of 2 game performance are a dime a dozen. I can think of as many as 0 like examples.


      • Bottom line is his foray into the college coaching ranks wasn’t a success (other than 1 game against SOS’s last South Carolina team). You could argue that his performance led to Richt’s dismissal. I don’t give a damn about what he’s done in the pros with no 20-hour rule. All the word is that he brought his system, his language, and expected everyone to adapt to him. Even CMR said he wished he had been more involved in the offense during his last press conference.

        I knew you would comment with some smart ass comment about his time in Seattle. If he were the genius you make him out to be, I guess Pete Carroll (yeah, the one of 3 head coaches to win a Super Bowl and a national championship) knows less about coaching offensive football than a blog commenter.

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        • mg4life0331

          Yeah that SC team was a world beater too. Amazing accomplishment that most of college football doesn’t know about because it doesn’t matter.

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          • Derek

            Yeah, every great qb that hasn’t done that over two games played world beaters. There’s been not a single time a great qb played two shitty teams in a row or in a season. Hence, the two incompletions can’t be compared. Unless, we bother to look at the facts:

            Vs. Duke and New Mexico state in 2019, Tua had 13 passes incomplete.

            Vs. Wofford and Charlotte in 2019 (non-consecutive games btw) Trevor had 6 passes incomplete.

            Calling plays that lead to 2 incompletions over a two game stretch is hard to do. The qbs and receivers weren’t confused about the system on those days.

            For some reason, no doubt coachin’, Greyson, on his first pass vs. bama, missed a wide ass open 26 for a td and looked shitty the rest of the day.

            I can’t figure out why the players have numbers on their jerseys or names or record books or a hall of fame. They have absolutely nothing to do with on the field performance.

            Who is pulling for Andy Reids fat ass to whoop up on Sean McDermott today?

            Brady vs who? Its about bruce fucking arians dammit!!


            • mg4life0331

              Heres a fact, you looked up stuff nobody knew because noone cares. Its a pointless metric. If he was so awesome at coaching how come no ones beating down his door?

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              • Derek

                The stat that matters is that y’all know less about football than Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. Worse, y’all won’t admit that’s a fact.

                Brian has been consistently employed in the nfl since 2015.

                He’ll be in someone’s coaching staff in 2021.


                • mg4life0331

                  Well as long as you quoted me as saying I know more about it than Pete or Russ you got a point. But there you go.

                  But your right. He’s so awesome he can’t hold his clipboard with all the rings he coached up.

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                • Derek

                  Of all the NFL playoff games won by a current or former UGA OC, Schitty has them all.


            • James A Mercer Jr

              Re your penultimate paragraph…ME!
              And they did!!


        • Derek

          Pete hired and maintained Brian for 3 seasons.

          All playoff seasons.

          Russell thinks the guy can coach.

          He’ll be coaching again real soon.

          You won’t be.

          If you think there is an oc who could have done better with that qb room, name him. There is a reason bobo got the fuck out. Lambert was atrocious. Ramsey was worse and Fauta didn’t belong in the sec.

          As good as we all think Monken is, he didn’t look all that great with Dwan taking snaps did he? At least Dwan has talent.


      • Seattle still fired him this year, regardless of what Russ said about him (and just maybe Pete Carroll knows more about good OCs than Russ).

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  4. Dawg in Austin

    Not to take away from the point of the post, which is a good one and completely accurate, but doesn’t Mike Stoops suck as a coach? What was Sark thinking anyway?

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  5. practicaldawg

    Texas football may not be back, but its internal politics never left the building

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  6. UT boosters were right. Why would you ever want a coach with deep insight to your #1 rival? Plus, Boom is holding on line 3…someone gonna answer that?

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    • siskey

      I think that you can be of two minds on this topic: 1) Stoops is not a great coach , and 2) this is a bad look for Sark going forward.
      I can see Sark getting fired during the Fall of 2022 right around the time Urban decides to step away from the rigors of Jacksonville after Lawrence leaks to the local reporters that he’s uncomfortable running the ball on 3rd & short.

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    • chicagodawgfan

      Agent Stoops’ cover must’ve been blown at the last minute. Thwarted again!


  7. Texas Dawg

    Texas boosters run the program plain and simple. I would bet the farm that when they tried to lure Corch a few weeks ago, they offered INSANE money. Obviously it was not his health that kept him from that job. He was not about to give up control to the money men.


  8. gurkhadawg

    I’ve always liked Texas. Dating from those great wishbone offenses from the late sixties. Sark has been through a lot and I can’t help but admire a man who has overcome his demons and found success. I think Texas will be a team to be reckoned with in 2 or 3 years.

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    • TEXBaller

      Concur. He has a decent base of current players. A fairly easy conference to manage. And GREAT/fertile recruiting ground. However, he needs to get a “franchise” QB in quicktime!


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    So Texas is like Auburn with more money?
    (Boosters kibitzing)

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  10. ASEF

    And the players just noticed, 2 weeks into the job, that their coach isn’t really calling the shots. Just like the last guy. And thew guy before him (who was actually in the building when Sark was weighing the Texas job.)

    Well played, boosters. Well played.

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  11. ASEF

    Oof. Trying to imagine Kirby’s face if this happened to him: “Coach Smart? Actor on line 1, wants to shoot the shit.”

    ”I’ve yet to meet him. I’m going to give him a call here, maybe this afternoon to catch up to him, because I want to explain about some things. But you get handed the keys to the Ferrari at the University of Texas. So you’ve got to remember that, when you were driving to get to this position, you were grinding. You were braking late turns. Don’t start braking early now. Let’s get it on. Let’s roll.”


  12. When people say they dont understand what you (I) mean by kissing the ring first at Texas, here ya go in a nutshell. And this is just what we get to see. Imagine these guys at practice. And the Sunday afternoon follow up calls and emails. The calls to the AD followed by calls from the AD. Yikes

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  13. whybotherdude

    The AD needs to stress to the boosters that they get access not control. The school has enough money to offend a few big dollars. Then when they get the program on track winning the money will return with an understanding of what money gets you.

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    • Texas Dawg

      There is one VERY big hole in your scenario. It’s football in Texas. Reason and common sense checked out a long time ago.

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    • ASEF

      The financial incentives here are to the contrary.

      Longhorn Network: pays the same regardless.
      B12 media fees: pays the same regardless
      Stadium revenue: fills up regardless

      Where are marginal revenue increases to be earned? Kissing booster ass.

      Alabama and Georgia have to win to be Big Dogs in the SEC. Texas just has to be Texas in the B12.

      Sark’s just a new chew toy for the boosters.

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