Don’t bogart that popcorn, my friend.

From the standpoint of entertainment value, I’m sad to say this is probably an accurate assessment of Pruitt v. Tennessee.

With about four times the money at stake for Pruitt, Lyons isn’t going to cave easily.

Neither, it appears, is Tennessee. Not after Monday’s press conference, during which Chancellor Donde Plowman lamented the seriousness of the NCAA violations on Pruitt’s watch.

This could get ugly – even uglier than it already appears to be.

That’s why I’d expect a settlement at some point.

Legal disputes between a famous coach and a famous institution seldom make it to a courtroom. Neither side benefits from dirty laundry being aired in a public trial.

Neither side?  Pffft.  Will no one think of the fans from other programs?

One complicating factor is that Pruitt appears to face a serious handicap.

College sports, actually, is rife with examples of universities backing coaches through all kinds of scandals. Those coaches are usually winning, though.

Pruitt was not.

Having said that, the facts do appear to be on the university’s side.

Lyons’ statement questioned the existence of evidence to prove Pruitt could have prevented the alleged violations, but it didn’t dispute that they happened. The language in Pruitt’s contract is clear that NCAA infractions by his staff would allow UT to fire him for cause.

Well, you know what they say when the facts aren’t on your side.  The thing is, Tennessee probably doesn’t want to hear that table being pounded.  More accurately, Tennessee doesn’t want the rest of us hearing that table being pounded.  As Estes wrote, “The optics of having to try this case in court could be horrendous.”

Shit, man, that’s what we’re counting on!


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  1. gastr1

    I’m intrigued what this will do to Jeremy’s prospects of coaching again. I can imagine someone hires him as a reclamation project (coagh…Saban, just like Jermy said). But will he ever get another shot at HC? Here’s hoping his shit stinks forever. Maybe he’ll get a “show cause” tag for hiring like Bruce Pearl had.


    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      Did UT fire Pearl for cause?


      • gastr1

        Yes…from Wikipedia: “After finding out about additional NCAA violations, as well as a violation of the school’s substance abuse policy by a player, Tennessee fired Pearl…
        Pearl was given a three-year show-cause penalty for lying to the NCAA…This meant that the sanctions imposed on Pearl would remain in force if he was hired by an NCAA member school within that period…If a school chose to hire him and challenged the NCAA restrictions, it had to appear before the NCAA Committee on Infractions and “show cause” for why the sanctions imposed on Pearl should not follow him to that school.” (The Barn hired him with 5 months remaining on his show-cause tag.)


  2. SCDawg

    So does this mean Tennessee has to argue he broke a ton of serious rules? Might hurt them down the road with the NCAA when punishment comes. Or as they are searching for a new head coach.

    Of course these folks are used to talking out of both sides of their mouths.

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  3. I would be surprised if Pruitt ever gets another chance to be a head coach. He could make good money with a good pension as a defensive coordinator if he plays his cards right. I would assume the longer this goes on, the closer to a blacklist Pruitt will get. I’m sure his lawyer (and Agent Wizard) wants a settlement. That would probably give Pruitt a chance to have all of this blow over and he can rebuild his career starting as Little Nicky’s car washer.

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    • pdawg30577

      He’s done real well already for someone with a third-grade education.

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      • gastr1

        Just think how much time he’ll have now to do some adult learning. Haberdashery, professional English language diction, standard American cuisine 101…practically no limit to what Jermy doesn’t yet know, seems like.


  4. Tennessee: I can be the biggest dumpster fire in the conference!

    Also Tennessee: Hold my beer!

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  5. Godawg


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  6. originaluglydawg

    “could have prevented” is vague language. “Should have prevented” or “Refused to prevent” would seem stronger.
    There is at least one skunk under the dumpster that has yet to be exposed. Someone was cheating and Jeremy is expected to take the fall while that person or persons (or skunks) get off Scott free? I hope not.
    I’m betting at least one of those skunks is a fatty.
    This is JP’s ace in the hole. Surely he has names and will call them out.

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  7. NotMyCrossToBear

    Not everyone is management material.

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  8. Faltering Memory

    Animal House food fight.


  9. 81Dog

    This, reminds me of Tech trying to cheap out when they fired Pepper Rodgers, refusing to pay most of his buyout. Pepper sued them, won in Superior Court and then in the GA Supreme Court. You can look it up.

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    • Russ

      Never forget that Tech lies and cheats.


    • 79dawg

      No, they paid the salary – he sued over the perks, which included the following (not sure why he wanted 2 boxes to the Tech football games or meals at the Tech training table, but the “pocket money” and country club memberships were surely worth it!):

      A. Benefits and Perquisites Received by Rodgers Directly from the Georgia Tech Athletic Association.

      (1) gas, oil, maintenance, repairs, other automobile expenses;

      (2) automobile liability and collision insurance;

      (3) general expense money;

      (4) meals available at the Georgia Tech training table;

      (5) eight season tickets to Georgia Tech home football games during fall of 1980 and 1981;

      (6) two reserved booths, consisting of approximately 40 seats at *164 Georgia Tech home football games during fall of 1980 and 1981;

      (7) six season tickets to Georgia Tech home basketball games for 1980 and 1981;

      (8) four season tickets to Atlanta Falcon home football games for 1980 and 1981;

      (9) four game tickets to each out-of-town Georgia Tech football game during fall of 1980 and 1981;

      (10) pocket money at each home football game during fall of 1980 and 1981;

      (11) pocket money at each out-of-town Georgia Tech football game during fall of 1980 and 1981;

      (12) parking privileges at all Georgia Tech home sporting events;

      (13) the services of a secretary;
      (14) the services of an administrative assistant;

      (15) the cost of admission to Georgia Tech home baseball games during spring of 1980 and 1981;

      (16) the cost of trips to football coaches’ conventions, clinics, and meetings and to observe football practice sessions of professional and college football teams;

      (17) initiation fee, dues, monthly bills, and cost of membership at the Capital City Club;

      (18) initiation fee, dues, monthly bills, and cost of membership at the Cherokee Country Club;

      (19) initiation fee and dues at the East Lake Country Club.

      B. Benefits and Perquisites Received by Rodgers from Sources Other Than the Georgia Tech Athletic Association by Virtue of Being Head Coach of Football.

      (1) profits from Rodgers’ television football show, “The Pepper Rodgers Show,” on Station WSB-TV in Atlanta for the fall of 1980 and 1981;

      (2) profits from Rodgers’ radio football show on Station WGST in Atlanta for the fall of 1980 and 1981;

      (3) use of a new Cadillac automobile during 1980 and 1981;

      (4) profits from Rodgers’ summer football camp, known as the “Pepper Rodgers Football School,” for June 1980 and June 1981;

      (5) financial gifts from alumni and supporters of Georgia Tech for 1980 and 1981;
      (6) lodging at any of the Holiday Inns owned by Topeka Inn Management, Inc. of Topeka, Kansas, for the time period from December 18, 1979 through December 31, 1981.
      (7) the cost of membership in Terminus International Tennis Club in Atlanta for 1980 and 1981;

      (8) individual game tickets to Hawks basketball and Braves *165 baseball games during 1980 and 1981 seasons;

      (9) housing for Rodgers and his family in Atlanta for the period from December 18, 1979 through December 31, 1981;
      (10) the cost of premiums of a $400,000.00 policy on the life of Rodgers for the time period from December 18, 1979 through December 31, 1981.

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  10. Russ

    We already knew of Pruitt’s concern for rules and regulations when we heard him berating the cop who arrested one of his players.


    • pdawg30577

      I’d forgotten about that one. Lord, what an asshole.


      • originaluglydawg

        He is one.
        But right now JP is the enemy of our enemy.
        We should hope for him to prevail over UT in court!

        I’ve got a feeling that he was told to never look to his left or right and everything would be cool. Now that he’s fired, UT wants to say it was for not looking to his left or right.
        Something other than JP’s failures is starting to stink in Knoxville.
        Fulmer just seemed a little to eager to exit the scene.
        The pompous and fake indignation being put on by Plowman and Co. are laughable.
        Burn baby, burn!

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        • Got Cowdog

          Exactly! Same thing with Butch “I sold my soul to the Devil for a win over UGA” Jones. I called Booch everything I could think of other than his Christian name when he hit his knees crying at the end of the 2016 game. Then he gets fired, and that was funny. Then he goes to work with Nicky for peanuts while still cashing big fat vowel checks, and that was REALLY funny.
          Now they’ve hired/ fired Pruitt, who basically finished what Booch started.
          Burn baby, burn, indeed.


  11. practicaldawg

    The university would be stupid to not settle for something. Paying a few million would be well worth ending this quickly so they don’t incur any more damage than necessary from a fired coach with nothing to lose.

    Oh wait. I was just reminded this is the Tennessee administration we’re talking about. Yeah they’re going to make this as bad as possible for themselves.


  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Legal disputes between a famous coach and a famous institution”I think they misspelled ‘infamous’ in that phrase.


  13. sniffer

    Neither side? Pffft. Will no one think of the fans from other programs?

    Nice. Made me laugh out loud. Or, lol’d out loud. Whatever.


  14. stoopnagle

    Sadly, they’ll find a way to settle and Jeremy will head on back to Tuscaloosa to analyze and then step in wherever his Lord and Savior Nick Saban tells him to.

    The best part is that UT committed “serious violations” and is going to either self-penalize and get penalized (scholarship reductions, please and thank you!) for Pruitt’s staff’s indiscretions; not to mention some good old “probation” for the new guy to walk into… meaning, they can’t just go back to the same-old same-old recruiting practices they were shenaniganing around with in the first place. All of that adds up to few talented players in Knoxville for the foreseeable future. I don’t care who they hire at this point. They’ve tied their own hands behind their backs. And that didn’t work for Casey Clausen and it won’t work for Not-Gruden-Lane-Freeze-Guy-Who-Is-Next.