Musical palate cleanser, something old, something new edition

For me, a Bob Dylan concert is like Ms. Gump’s proverbial box of chocolates — you really never know what you’ll get.  That’s because Dylan has been prone to rework his songs, sometimes to brilliant effect and sometimes to virtually unlistenable dreck (that disastrous show I saw in the old Omni 25 years ago still makes me shake my head).

This version of “Highway 61”, with Mick Taylor on guitar, definitely belongs in the former group.  Although the sound quality isn’t the greatest, it really kicks some righteous ass.

As a bonus, that’s Ian McLagan on keyboards.  Rockin’!


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7 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, something old, something new edition

  1. MGW

    Well he must have had a bad streak at the Omni around the turn of the century because I saw him there in about 2000, and it was just a cacophony of noise. Could barely even tell what song he was playing most of the night.


  2. RangerRuss

    I’m a simple fan, but it seems to me that Mick makes everyone he plays with better. I think he’s the reason Let It Bleed is my favorite Stones album.

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  3. Illini84

    The best version I ever heard was Johnny Winter at the Palm Beach Pop Festival November, 1969. We hitched from Urbana to Palm Beach, froze our asses of in the mud and had a ball!


  4. Illini84

    Of course seeing Johnny and Janis together colors the memory.


  5. Scotty King

    Mick wonders about the reference to Mr. (Brian) Jones…..


  6. TripleB

    I saw him in Macon two years ago. I figured it would be awful as I have seen him several times (some good-some not). His Macon show was really good. He was into the crowd and played songs everyone wanted to hear and he did them in a very recognizable fashion. I was very pleased.


  7. divingduck7

    Love this version of Shelter From The Storm with the slide riff.