Out in front for 2021

Looking at Matt Hinton’s first preseason projection of the likely crop of conference starters in 2021, it’s striking how sizeable the gap appears to be between Ole Miss and Georgia on one side, and the rest of the conference on the other.

First of all, here’s the list of returning starters (2020 passer ratings in parenthesis):  Matt Corral (177.61); JT Daniels (178.50); Miles Brennan (154.75); Bo Nix (123.94); Will Rogers (123.49); Connor Bazelak (132.05); and Ken Seals (127.62).

That’s half the league.  The other half will see some variation of quarterbacks in waiting, like Florida’s Emory Jones, and a bunch of somewhat to fully blank slates.

Now, certainly there’s upside with several of these QBs.  Young will be Alabama’s starter, enough said.  Brennan is surrounded with talent and should benefit from a better coaching staff, assuming that’s the case.  Bazelak showed promise in spots during the 2020 season.  (Jones, for that matter, is a better fit for what Mullen traditionally wants from his quarterbacks.)

But, for now, in terms of established 2020 performance, staff stability and surrounding cast, Georgia and Ole Miss start with a leg up on the rest of the SEC.  In a quarterback-centric world, that’s a big deal.


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15 responses to “Out in front for 2021

  1. Biggen

    Whats the over/under on the amount of games Emory starts before he is pulled replaced? He is a walking turnover machine.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, isn’t he like a senior now? If Mullen was such a great coach and Emory was his huckleberry, wouldn’t he have taken over when Franks got hurt? They’ve been trying to make Emory Jones the next Dak Prescott for the past 3 years and it’s just not happening. He’s like a lesser Kellen Mond.


      • Russ

        But I hope Mullen rides with him all season because that giant freshman behind him DOES look like trouble.


      • Biggen

        Yeah he doesn’t seem to be accurate what little I have seen from him and is very prone to mistakes. I suppose he is a run threat but he isn’t a big dude like Tebow or Prescott were. LBs are so fast in our conference that you can’t just run around out of the wildcat every play and expect to win many games with only that.


  2. sniffer

    The Nix Project will be interesting. Kid looks like he can play but who knows.
    Gus spoke a language Nix couldn’t understand.


  3. drunkenmonken

    Is Plumlee still at ole miss? I’d hate to see that guy end up in Gainesville.

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    • Ole Miss played him at receiver in the bowl game. He looked like he could become a weapon there, too.

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      • Tony BarnFart

        I think they started mixing him in at receiver pretty early this season if i remember correctly. He proved to be a pretty valuable target…. i think they’re going for sort of the Cole Beasley type with him at wideout.

        Drunkmonk, he’s getting enough touches that i’m doubting he’d transfer.

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        • Russ

          That’s pretty smart of Kiffen. Keeps the kid involved and if something happens to Corral, they still have a good backup handy.

          I wonder if we could do something similar with Beck? Wouldn’t want to risk BVG.

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  4. W Cobb Dawg

    After seeing LSU’s other two QBs I’m not sure Brennan will be the starter.

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  5. How did Grantham not get fired? lol.


  6. ASEF

    Trask’s skill set kind of forced Mullen’s hand, and Pitts made it work.

    Sort of like the injuries to Barrett and Miller forced Urban’s hand with Cardale, and Zeke made it work.

    You have to go all the way back to Cam in 2010 to find a title-winning QB who did it more with his legs than his arm – and Cam had a pretty good arm. His legs were just generational.

    Cam, McElroy, McCarron, Winston, Cardale, Coker, Watson, Tua, Lawrence, Burrow, Jones. 5 of them started in the NFL absent an injury to someone else, and all of them got to start at least one game in the NFL except Coker. Coker got to hand off to Derrick Henry.

    I think Jones will be in for a long, long day against Georgia’s defense next season.

    And Daniels could spend most of next season in Trask territory – leading Heisman candidate until the Shoe derailed his campaign.


  7. godawgs1701

    Bo Nix hasn’t transferred out yet?