TFW you thought you had your staff settled


Rodney Garner now gets to play UT and Auburn against each other?  Never one to miss an opportunity, I bet that man be smiling today.


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8 responses to “TFW you thought you had your staff settled

  1. armydawg

    The only loyalty he ever had that I know of was to Richt. I’m still a little fuzzy about why Kirby showed him the door. Was it coaching or recruiting or both?


  2. boz864

    Shane Beemer says hold my beer

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    You would think the Eagles want to improve on that 4-11-1 record. Talk about a race to the bottom in an already lousy division.


  4. Greg

    Good for him, liked the fellow. It made me think of Bill O’Brien & his deal with Bama…possibly switching to Tennessee.

    Could be a fit when all is considered…but they may not have the money for all of that.


  5. aucarson

    Rappin’ Rodney has burned his bridges at both AU and UT by undermining HCs. Neither wants him back. That man be scratching his head today.