Today, in elections have consequences

I bet schools didn’t see this one coming.

I wonder how many hints it’s going to take before the NCAA gets the message that hunkering down isn’t a working strategy any more.



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14 responses to “Today, in elections have consequences

  1. Bulldawg Bill

    Sometimes you gotta hit a mule over the head with a 2X4; and that’s just to get his attention!!!!


  2. Down Island Way

    Current administration has union in their heart, this appointment is not surprising….

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Players do their schoolwork, practice and play, and many perform public service as well. It’s a perverted system that allows a neophyte A.D. to be paid hundreds of thousand while the kids who generate the income get shafted. The pendulum would have to swing a heckuva long way left before I’d consider it equal, let alone in the players favor.

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    • Derek

      The schools want to eat their cake and have it too. They want to treat them like employees for all purposes except paying them or allowing them to have any negotiating power.

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      • It’s not even so much not paying them as it it not having to cover them in the WC system. That’s the potential large reserve they don’t want to have to budget for.


  4. The Truth

    Why was the decision thrown out?


  5. akascuba

    Mark Emmert`s idea of change is for himself and other paymasters to collect more money. As long as he is on the job there is no chance of real change unless forced upon them.


  6. But..but…but… We’re the NCAA! …we can do want we want!