G-Day plans

This should come as no surprise.

After a one year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UGA is planning for a G-Day spring football game this year.

Like during the 2020 season, attendance at Sanford Stadium is likely to be limited capacity and because of that it may be a ticketed event this time.

“We kept the chairbacks in from the fall to be a limited capacity seating plan for G-Day,” athletic director Josh Brooks said. “If we have to have a limited capacity, we’ll probably go to a ticketed event or else we’d have to turn people away at the gates. We’re discussing a plan where we would charge a nominal fee for tickets and have the proceeds go to designated charities. We’ll continue to evaluate and work through logistics as we work through G-Day.”

My only question is how they plan on prioritizing ticket access.  If McGarity were still running the show, I know it would be first come, first served for Magill Society folks.  Does Brooks take a more democratic approach?



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  1. Does the Magill crowd really care about G-Day? There likely won’t be any access to the field during pre-game, etc. I would assume they will control access to club/premium seating for Magill members.

    I really think they should make G-Day this year purely an event for students (some got no access to games, some got access to Candy only).

    If you’re going to take the money from the event and donate it to a local charity, just allow 20,000 students in and be done with it. They’ve already paid for access to sporting events through their athletic fee.

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  2. Castleberry

    Doubtful the approach is any more democratic. Curious whether they’ll use G-Day tix as an enticer for donation and ticket renewals. For example, Commit to the G at the $5k level to secure your G-Day tickets today!!!


  3. elbertadawg



  4. Odds are very against it happening after I’ve gotten my vaccine shots so I’m watching from home, regardless of their ticket plans.



    Money talks, BS walks. Do you prioritize folks closing on houses that have the money ready or just anyone who wants a house?

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  6. Tony BarnFart

    My question would also be how to create a system where, given what comes with limited seating (i.e. likely a ticketed event), how do you ensure as few no-shows as possible ? Attending G-Day can very much be a “game time” decision, depending on where you live I guess. So how do you balance keeping the traditional laissez-faire GDay of not trying to scrape every possible buck out of a wallet but also trying to make sure you don’t have too many no-shows in an already limited capacity crowd ?


  7. Looks like the DB coach is finalized and new Quality Assurance coach Muschamp is coming soon, so I am curious how the DBs perform.


  8. Wes Giglio

    G-Day is for the people. Maybe the last remnant of the Railroad Track Crowd ethos at UGA. I hope the ticketing, if it happens, is democratic.

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  9. When they fill the stadium they’ll have my attention.