More and more, it’s looking like…

If you’re a Dawg fan, one reason to be enthused by UT’s reported hire of Josh Heupel is the hope that he’ll bring some of his trusted UCF staff along for the ride.

Including this guy:

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Willie Martinez - Assistant Head Coach Secondary - Football Coaches - UCF Athletics

And to think they say you can never go home again.

It if happens, I’m sure Vol fans everywhere will give Heupel two thumbs up for the move.



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30 responses to “More and more, it’s looking like…

  1. A Two Thumbs coached secondary with our returning offense … a match made in Dawg heaven. JT will be licking his chops.


  2. gastr1

    Well, I have to say, they’ve probably done about as well as they possibly could have in this. F**k ’em anyway. Where’s that probation already!?

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  3. practicaldawg

    Rewind 8 years ago and never in our wildest wet dream would be imagine Willie at Tennessee and Grantham at Florida.

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    • dawg100

      Nope, the ole UGA curse may be lifting,


    • i was never big on Willie, and he is one of my foundations of hating the ole’ Nepo game. But I liked Grantham. Went all in on the big NT deal. Then I watched it erode, and our own fans started calling it 3rd and Grantham 1st as was due. I did appreciate the Grantham vs Franklin show, damn, that was funny. I pretty much dont trust or believe any of them anymore now. lol

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  4. Ran A

    He’s done well; but this is not what he walked into at UCF. He is inheriting a program that has about a third of their players in the portal and probation on it’s way. And if it is 1/2 as bad as the reports claim – they will not play in a bowl for 3 or 4 years and be restricted in the # of players they can bring in.

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    • James A Mercer Jr

      I’m probably wrong..a fading memory…but wasn’t Heupel a Dawg recruit at one time and left when Donovan pushed the QB doper to be a starter?? I believe several QB recruits left UGA but went on to prominence at other schools.


  5. Dawg93

    Well this would be his second stint there if he moves w/Heupel to UT. He was DBs coach under Coach 5-Star Hearts for 3 or 4 yrs.

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    • charlottedawg

      My thoughts exactly and looked it up to confirm. Also noticed that this is currently Willie’s second stint at UCF so clearly he’s not opposed to returning to previous stops.

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  6. Greg

    Probably a good hire for UT, gonna take them some time.

    The name Heupel always makes me of Nate Hybl (Georgia boy) that also played QB and a little golf at Oklahoma…..Hybl originally signed at UGA.

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    • Russ

      Me, too. I always got them mixed up.

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    • DawgFlan

      If you don’t know, the Gusto! restaurants popping up around Atlanta are owned by Nate. We have a mutual friend and we’d meet up every once in a while and see him working away at the location near Piedmont Hospital. He seems to be making a good go of it, he’s up to 7-8 restaurants so far.

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  7. Texas Dawg

    Willie at UT? Looks like Santa is working overtime this year and keeps on delivering presents to Kirby long after Chirstmas!

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  8. munsonlarryfkajim

    a friend who follows all the crazy vol fans on twitter said they are going to implode if Kiffen doesn’t get hired. Nevermind that Kiffen in his right mind wouldn’t go there right now.


    • Harold Miller

      Frankly, I think this is a pretty good hire. It’s going to take a bit, but Urnge could be back to football relevance in a few seasons.


  9. ASEF

    “Screw it, let’s just rent that UCF operation.”

    When SEC dollars and Knoxville brains collide…

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  10. MudCat's Mechanic

    UCF of the north….

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  11. argondawg

    So they burned down their program not to pay cjp but they are going to fork out 6 or 7 mill in buyouts to get these guys and will probably have to pay something to Pruitt to not go through discovery? I’m not sure I understand the logic here. I am also not sure that the conference as a whole will be better coached than what they had last year. For a year when nobody was getting fired because of how Covid squeezed athletic departments it sure hasn’t shaken out that way.

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