New kid in town

Kirby’s got his secondary coach.

Addae was more than just a cornerbacks coach at WVU this season.  As Bruce Feldman wrote a couple of months ago ($$), Addae was one of two assistants tasked with running the Mountaineer defense after Vic Koenning was canned as the DC in July.

They did alright, too.

The Mountaineers (5-3) lead the conference in total defense, fewest yards per play allowed, pass efficiency defense and red zone TD percentage. They also rank No. 4 nationally in the latter and in total defense after ranking No. 74 in both categories in 2018, the year before Brown took over in Morgantown.

The only knock I can find on the guy is what he did as a player at West Virginia.

Forgive and forget, is what I say.  Welcome aboard, sir.



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34 responses to “New kid in town

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    While Floriduh and Tennessee are scraping the bottom of the coaching barrel, Kirby goes out and takes his pick from the elite in coaching.

    Oh man… if we can’t put it all together in 2021, we may never.

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  2. munsonlarryfkajim

    hire a guy with experience slowing down big 12 defenses? dang you’d think maybe this guy Kirby actually has a plan for things.

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    • Texas Dawg

      Coming from the BIG 12, he knows a thing or two about dealing with offenses that sling it all over the place. I’m pretty sure he’s never had the luxury of also having a front 7 that will get after the QB like ours will. That alone will make a good defensive back a great defensive back. Conversely if the QB gets to camp out and eat a sandwich every time he drops back, then even Champ couldn’t keep him locked down.


  3. Looks solid. Very cool.

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  4. argondawg

    We really are watching our head coach grow into this job. Guy has been solid from the start but He puts a staff together just about as good as anyone except Saban. This is about as good as you could ask for on paper. He has a ton of work ahead of him getting that young seconday to match what that front 7 is going to bring.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

      Yep. When you have a young secondary short on starts, what do you need most?

      The best coach possible. Not the best recruiter and an okay coach. You need the best coach possible.

      Going out and getting a guy who can teach as good as Addae can with his recruiting in second position does show true growth from Kirby.

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      • dawg100

        He can absolutely coach. He was a ST coach at Minnesota for a year. Check out these rankings: punt return unit finished No. 1 in the nation (22.3), punt return defense was No. 2 (1.11) and the kickoff return unit finished No. 26 nationally (23.4).

        He isn’t a bad recruiter, and he is from Tampa. That won’t hurt us.

        His brother being a current NFL DB (safety) for 8 years doesn’t hurt either.


    • Hes just got to learn to let go now. So he can HC


  5. Granthams Replacement

    Kirby does an excellent job recruiting players and coaches. Most of the hires work out well and the ones that don’t are moved out the door.

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  6. ugafidelis

    Forget is right. That game was painful!

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    • David D

      It has certainly scarred me for life. Since that tilt, every time our opponent goes into punt formation, I uncontrollable start yelling, “it’s a fake! it’s a fake!”

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      • bcdawg97

        I thought it was required by law to call it out.


      • chicagodawgfan

        I was at that game and think everyone in the Georgia Dome was yelling “watch the fake” as they lined up, but apparently Janek never heard us or was oblivious. Shockley had a 4th quarter for the ages and no way WVU was gonna let us get the ball back.


  7. Ran A

    Ton of young talent and he can develop. And hoping that we can secure more home grown kids along the likes of Green as well. Looks like a solid hire…

    West Virginia – my 9 Year Old son (at the time) was sitting on the couch and called the fake punt. (He’s a young HS coach now… 🙂

    Should have won that damn game.

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  8. And apparently Florida OC (not Dan Mullen) is going to the NFL now.

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  9. godawgs1701

    And, naturally, he was also recognized as one of the best recruiters in the Big 12 while back at West Virginia.

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  10. siskey

    I think any success at West Virginia should be magnifed especially now that they are in the Big 12. They love and support the school but that is a hard place to get to unless you’re coming from Pittsburgh. I think this is a super hire and he should do a great job.

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    • Ran A

      It looks to be really solid. And I love the due-diligence. Did not rush into anything here. It’s pretty clear that if Kirby doesn’t have that “one guy” in mind, then he takes his time with the decision. You have to like the way he is managing all of this.

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  11. Funny, I didnt watch the clip or pay any attention, but when I saw the comments “everyone knew a fake was coming” ….I knew what game.


  12. 93dawg

    Wouldn’t that hit that caused the fumble be considered targeting now?


    • akascuba

      Once he helps us win the 2021 NC I`ll forgive anything he may have done in that game.

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    • He did lead with his helmet, and hit helmet. But targeting also involves how bad it “looks” or sounds. It also does not cover Newtonian physics and velocity (like with CIne hit Pitts).

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      • otto1980

        I remember Greg Blue was interviewed once about targeting and how it’d impact his game. He said something along the lines of guess I would get penalized a lot. The hit looks like something Blue or Thomas Davis would do.

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  13. originaluglydawg

    Looks like a solid hire!

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  14. Hogbody Spradlin

    West Virginia didn’t screw Georgia in the 2006 Sugar Bowl half as bad as Willie Martinez did. GRRRR.
    For months after that game everybody, EVERYBODY I ran into was an EER!


  15. Hobnail_Boot

    Schedule is out

    If this ain’t the year…

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