Some follow up thoughts on the 2021 SEC schedules

Screenshot_2021-01-28 Bryan Fischer on Twitter

First of all, fuck you, Greg Sankey, for not even making the effort to go to a nine-game conference schedule.  If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it’s that the world wouldn’t end if SEC schools played more regular season conference games.  Instead, every SEC team has a game scheduled against an FCS opponent, a treat for fans across the conference.  Thanks so much.

Second, there are a couple of more things from Georgia’s schedule worth noting.  Georgia doesn’t have any back-to-back road games on the calendar.  The only school that has a bye week before playing the Dawgs this season is Florida, and, as has been the custom, that’s when Georgia has its bye week.

There’s also this tidbit from Marc Weiszer“That’s two of the four new head coaches that Georgia will face this season. There have been only 15 head coaching changes at FBS programs, according to Football Scoop.”  You’ve got to like those odds.

Now, on to the rest of the conference:

  • As weak as Florida’s non-conference slate is, it’s more than made up for by a brutal cross-divisional lineup of Alabama and LSU (in Baton Rouge).  The Gators almost have to split that to have a shot at winning the East.
  • TAMU’s non-conference schedule is about as soft as it can get.  If the Aggies aren’t 5-0 when they roll into Tuscaloosa, it’ll be a major upset.
  • The team that faces the most opponents coming off bye weeks?  With three, that would be Alabama.  I’m sure Tide fans will be screaming about it.
  • Hugh Freeze comes to Oxford November 6?  That should be lit.
  • Another year, another brutal schedule for Arkansas.  Road games against Texas A&M, Georgia, Ole Miss, LSU and Alabama, plus Texas at home.  What did Sam Pittman do in a previous life to deserve that?
  • Shane Beamer’s November looks like it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun.
  • The easiest schedule might be Missouri’s.  The Tigers take on one P5 non-conference opponent in Boston College, have an FCS team on the schedule and don’t face Alabama as a crossover from the West.  There might be as many as nine wins there.

What do y’all see in addition to that?


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30 responses to “Some follow up thoughts on the 2021 SEC schedules

  1. NotMyCrossToBear

    Why the hell do you need to eat a cupcake in week 12?


  2. gastr1

    What is the rationale for not having a nine-game SEC schedule, again? Is it the coaches? No entiendo.


    • They want to make sure as many teams make it to bowl games as possible, but 2020 showed another way to approach that. Just get rid of the minimum 6-win requirement.

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      • Greg

        yep…that’s it. I know you said “bowls”, but most outside the top 4 teams are irrelevant now (bowls). One loss decreases those chances for an SEC team. I know Bama proved you can do go undefeated in the SEC…..but it is rare.

        I would have to look/research it, but I believe there have been only 6 SEC teams do it since ’80 (undefeated)….could be wrong.

        There is a reason Bowden didn’t have FSU join the SEC when he had a chance….and he admitted it. Clemson has a cake walk most seasons. The SEC is more competitive than any other conference….that is why they do not want to do it imo.

        But honestly, I would like to see it…..and I am sure others outside the SEC would too, good for CF. I just think you will see fewer from the SEC being one of those final 4 teams is why there is reluctance.

        They REALLY need to go to more teams….maybe 16. Cause outside the 4 teams that are fighting for it, the others are DEAD to me and a lot of other folks.


      • just get rid of any requirements and let them fight it out.


  3. akascuba

    Greg Sankey will never go to a 9 game schedule until Disney forces it upon him. As much as I love tailgating and seeing my friends I`ve lost all appetite for cupcake games.

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    • We aren’t going to 9 until Mickey makes it worth it or a 1-loss conference champion gets left out of the playoff due to strength of schedule, FIFY. Disney has entered into the new contract knowing exactly what the SEC’s scheduling philosophy is. Mickey has no leverage with the suits in Birmingham right now for scheduling.


  4. valdawgsta

    I like that Auburn goes to Baton Rouge the week before we play them. Between that and their early trip to Penn State that team will have some mileage on them by the time we go to the Plains.

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    • Holiday Inn Bagman

      Auburn/LSU should be 4-0 heading into their matchup. Penn State should not be the challenge that it would of been in years past. I can’t get a read on LSU – do I chalk last season up to the pandemic/rebuild or has the magic worn off and we’re about to see the Ole Miss edition of Orgeron?

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  5. winodawg

    I’ve said for the past 5 years that I’d renew my season tickets one McGarrity was gone. This crappy home schedule has me second guessing that.

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  6. MGW

    Georgia Florida should have lots of eyeballs; not much else going on in the SEC that weekend.

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  7. Granthams Replacement

    1) Why the fuck isn’t tech coming to Athens? Probably one of Greg’s last ankle grabs.

    2) The SEC changed up the meat grinder November schedule for Auburn, LSU, bama and TAMU where those teams almost played a round robin.

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  8. stoopnagle

    I see a 7:30 or 8 pm kick versus Clemson.



    UGA plays 10 Power 5 games this year, what is everyone’s else excuse?

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  10. Florida would never leave the state if they could. FTMF

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  11. otto1980

    Florida and Auburn both go to LSU the game before playing UGA. UGA and UF both get a bye week before the WLOCP. Hoping for a strong LSU team.

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  12. I really held out hope that 2020 would lead the SEC to at least test a 9 game conference schedule in 2021.