Ain’t played Jawja, Pawwwlll.

So, how badly did Clemson want that opener against the Dawgs?  This badly ($$).

Typically, when Clemson does its scheduling, it has a set of priorities it aims to accommodate. The first is to have seven home games per year, which is usually nonnegotiable.

I’m glad the Tigers swallowed that priority in the interest of scheduling an entertaining start to the season.  Although I imagine the spoonful of a $5 million to $7 million payday helped make the medicine go down easier.

By the way, if you need a morning chuckle, check out this hot take on the game, from a Clemson fan’s perspective.  It’s too stupid to even make for good bulletin board material.



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  1. Terry McCullers

    They will be the one’s coming up with excuses. Should be a good game but UGAs depth will prevail.

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  2. Down Island Way

    Do not want to be tied to the FU hc stating “we didn’t want to be there” statement…Hey clemmons, i got a rock you can pet…

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  3. Ran A

    What is it about South Carolina? Some of the dumbest reads you will ever experience tend to come out of that state.

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  4. mwodieseldawg

    I guess Danny Ford was right. “The n in Clemson stands for Knowledge”

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  5. 79dawg

    Kirby eating popcorn watching Justin Fields.gif

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  6. To write something that smug and self-congratulatory, I don’t think it was “the rock” he was rubbing.

    And isn’t that the same fan base still sulking that they had to play 11 games and Ohio State only had to play 7?

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  7. That passes for in-depth analysis from a graduate of the Greater Anderson Cow College. Auburn graduates should be pissed that they are compared to them.

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  8. armydawg

    A healthy and motivated UGA team with JT at the controls: I can’t wait! I can only hope for a good peanut crop this year to boil and enjoy with the game.

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  9. fisheriesdawg

    “Since 2000, this will be just the eighth time that UGA will have started the season off against a Power 5 non-SEC opponent, this will be the fifth time against Clemson.”

    I’m not sure what the point of including this statistic was, but perhaps he isn’t old enough to remember that Georgia is 3-1 against Clemson in that stretch (and won three in a row before that). They really have very little experience with Georgia making excuses about losing to Clemson in the last 30 years.

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    • RangerRuss

      That’s right, FD. The Dawgs are 7-1 against them taters since you’re bringing up the last 30 years. He seems to forget that ass kicking shutout the Dawgs gave them in that shithole they call Death Valley. There are excuses being made up. Just not on this side of the river.

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  10. 79dawg

    Lies, damn lies, and statistics – “just the eighth time….” – as if every P5 team opens the season against another P5 opponent every year…. (PS we’ve also opened twice with Boise!)

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  11. chopdawg

    Benedict is right about one thing–September can’t get here soon enough.

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  12. Greg

    Guess that last ass beating didn’t humble some at all. But I like it when they talk……would think it would be hard to live in the same state as the Gamecocks knowing that they are undefeated against OSU.

    Oh well, let them distract & flap their gums.

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  13. KornDawg

    “Since 2000, this will be just the eighth time that UGA will have started the season off against a Power 5 non-SEC opponent, this will be the fifth time against Clemson.”

    This guy sitting all high and mighty upon Howard’s rock should take some time to check out Clemson’s schedule from 2000 to present. They’ve played a whopping, wait for it, 8(!) openers against OOC P5 teams!

    He lost me when he said he hates UGA fans because he’s spent so much time in Georgia. Guess what, asshole? If you lived in Ohio, you’d hate OSU fans. Florida? Gator fans. I live in SC, Gamecock fans used to irritate the shit out of me, but Clemson fans have taken over. Naturally that coincides with their success of late. The Senator was right, that piece is too stupid for bulletin board material.

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  14. If Kirby’s jumping us to the next level we really need to make the opener a “statement” game…you know, the way Bama always seems to do it.

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    • This game does set up for us to make a statement. Bama was coming off the 2007 season with the infamous loss to ULM. Clemson was a preseason top 10 with Bama in the 20s. Bama curb-stomps the Tiggers in a neutral site game. Definitely differences exist in expectations this September, but I imagine Kirby (and Scott Sinclair in particular) has these guys completely focused on the Tiggers.

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  15. They call the page “rubbing the rock”? Knowing clemson fans I thought it was some fantasy masturbation page. I read the article and found out I was right.

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  16. ASEF

    That take was so lazy, it barely hit room temperature. DOA

    kNowledgeable Clemson fans saw how Ohio State pushed around their offensive and defensive lines. They can’t unsee it. They also saw how Ohio State caught their defense out of position several times by scrambling the original defensive play call with some basic motion and then snapping before Clemson could adjust.

    While everyone was swooning over Sunshine and Etienne, Clemson let some real talent deficiencies creep into their 2 deep. OSU exploited all of them.

    I haven’t heard Dabo much since that game, but I’ll be curious to see whether that game has him looking for complacency within his program or if he’s writing it off as an aberration.

    They got issues. Sure, they have an off-season to address them, but they got issues.


  17. archiecreek

    I don’t like clemmons much!!

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  18. Until we lose players due to crap, which has stopped a good bit under Kirby, i fully expect to beat Clempson goodly. Monken was my dream hire and now he’s got an off season without QB drama. We won’t have players with records bc a whole fleet of dudes are getting touches. And our D line is going to allow Kirby to be his nutty self in the secondary. We can bring 4 or 5 every down and overload on matchups without blitzes. Clempson QB is either getting sacked or running OB. And lawd help them if they run without Etienne


  19. originaluglydawg

    Clemson with all their contrived traditions. They even steal LSU’s traditions.
    They play a Class A High School schedule.
    Clemmons just sucks.


  20. CB

    Fansided is awful and to be ignored. We’re better than that.

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