Don’t cry for me, Tuscaloosa.

Brandon Marcello ranks the 2021 SEC schedules from hardest to easiest.  Clocking in at number fourteen is a certain defending national champion.  ‘Bama starts with the benefit of not having to play itself, but that’s not all.

Nick Saban hasn’t lost more than two games since 2010. The toughest stretch? Ole Miss and at Texas A&M in the first two weeks of October.




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15 responses to “Don’t cry for me, Tuscaloosa.

  1. Down Island Way

    Don’t know if any animosity exists between little Nicky and the Laner…that game should be entertaining to some degree…


  2. armydawg

    Don’t take A&M lightly. Jimbo seems to be very competitive these days. If he gets good QB play, who knows?


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Who’s the new cyborg playing quarterback for Bama? The only bright spot I can find is that they rely heavily on top quarterback play, their last two starters had a lot of game time to break in, but this year’s starter is an unknown quantity if not an unknown name.
    Whoever it is will be polished if we play them in the you-know-what, with his family under threat if he makes a mistake.


    • Biggen

      Bryce Young. Sat behind Jones all of last year. He was #1 rated QB in the nation and #2 rated player in the nation during the 2020 recruiting cycle. I think they will do alright. I’m not sure what their depth is behind him however.

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  4. TN Dawg

    Clemson is doing ALL the lifting on our schedule in comparison to Bama’s.

    They play our only two competent SEC opponents (Florida and Auburn) and add Ole Miss, LSU and TAMU to that.

    If those three teams were on our schedule, i would point to them and say those are pontentially losable games.

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  5. ASEF

    SEC opener at Florida with a new QB, OC, RB, 2 new WR and 3 new OL against a blitz happy DC. That could be interesting.

    But mainly SEC West looks way down. No one expects much from Auburn and LSU. I think they’ll be better than expectations. Which isn’t necessarily saying much.

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    • TN Dawg

      If the west is down, the whole league is waaaay down.

      Its hard to envision a worse TN, SC and Vandy then we are looking at. Florida loses their entire offensive package. Only Mizzou and Kentucky would appear to have hope of being on the rise, and that’s largely because of the aforementioned three being so awful. I think Stoops is a good coach, but Kentucky’s bounce appears to be directly correlated to the dumpster fires elsewhere.

      TAMU appears to be landing some decent recruiting classes, LSU always has the raw talent, surely one of them makes a solid run in 2021. My guess is that Kiffin claims at least one surprising scalp this year too.

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  6. Yep the “i want big games” is always countered by Alabama’s “we got rings”


  7. waterloodawg

    Vandy has themselves a nice schedule with Colorado State, Uconn and Stanford. Would be fun if they were half decent.