Envy and jealousy, money to burn edition

This made me laugh out loud.


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16 responses to “Envy and jealousy, money to burn edition

  1. gastr1

    So bizarre. Tell me, because my head is spinning…who exactly hired Steele? Was that Fulmer’s last stand?


  2. Down Island Way

    Have dumpster will burn…follow the exploits of big urnge cuntry as they try their damnedest to show #AUBURN SUCKS! got nothing on them….

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  3. Terry McCullers

    Them SOBs can’t do nothing right. Love it!


  4. Ran A

    Man UT can spend money….


  5. Auburn: Nobody wastes money better than we do!

    Tennessee: Hold our beer. And Kevin Steele’s buyout.

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    Good work by Steele.

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  7. chicagodawgfan

    Steele’s arrangement might even give Charlie Weiss a run for his money (no pun intended;-)


  8. KornDawg

    I never thought I’d want to work at Tennessee, but if they keep up this crap….

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  9. armydawg

    Totally serious here: Steele should donate every penny of that to food banks around the country. People have worked their whole lives to support their families for chump change salaries and then lose their jobs because of the pandemic. Then this pig gets almost a million for two weeks. If he keeps it I hope he suffers with AIDS forever.

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    • Got Cowdog

      I had a similar thought Sarge. I was thinking of the kid who literally lost everything a few days ago compared to the fact that these organizations have that kind of money to wipe a fired coaches ass with, FFS.

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  10. RangerRuss

    Dammitman! That’s rough. My kind of guy.


  11. I always wanted to be an air force jet pilot.

    I chose poorly.


  12. TripleB

    Steele ought to buy some Lotto tickets while he’s hot! Maybe head to Biloxi.


  13. Tony BarnFart

    Not that many weren’t already thinking this, but now I’m really questioning how well they’ve mapped out their strategy with Pruitt / buy-out fight, internally investigating themselves with the inherent conflicts of interest in that and the whole immediately fall on the sword strategy. I’m sure it was all buttoned up though.