Your Daily Gator returns.

Some people see a commitment of another 5-star quarterback recruit as a plus for Kirby Smart.  Then again, some people aren’t Florida fans, like this guy.

Screenshot_2021-01-29 Gunner Stockton to UGA

Cool, man.  And how did your team make out in its bowl game?



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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah I know, but . . . I’m envious, jealous, and snide about Bama’s recruiting. Same thing.


    • Down Island Way

      Since FU didn’t want to be at that particular bowl event and their season ended a couple weeks earlier, should not that “L” go on 2021 seasons record…#FTMF

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  2. I guess that idiot didn’t recognize the fact that Cincinnati wasn’t your typical Gof5 team and that we were the most explosive team in the league at the end of the season once JT took over.

    When JT throws for 400+ and Zeus and company add another 200+ on the ground, they’ll be asking what was that Mack truck that just flattened us in Jacksonville.

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  3. [jennifer-lawrence-saying-ok-bro.gif]

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  4. armydawg

    Do the gayturds remember Fromm & 3rd down in 2019? Do the gayturds know what JT’s 3rd down stats are? Do they realize how much Kirby hates to lose to those swamp lizards and how successful his revenge tours have been? Be scared my Florida friends; be “very” scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Ran A

    Yep! This is a pretty stupid take. These guys clearly quit watching Georgia after the game in Jax. They are in for a rude awakening when next season starts. Now some of them see it and have tried to warn their fellow Gators.


  6. Got Cowdog

    If you’re like me, when you read you attach a voice and/or character in your head to the script. (That’s normal, right?) This one came with the SEC shorts guy crying into a handkerchief.

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  7. originaluglydawg

    Went to the link that is provided in the Senator’s second sentence (“this guy” highlighted) and read some of the posts by the handbag faithful. I noticed three lines of thought.
    1. Most are delusional in their hatred of Georgia and are still pretending to themselves that recruiting doesn’t matter because Kirby is Woody Hayes re-incarnated. He will never let his QB throw a ball.
    2. Some are sick of Mullens and want him gone. They think he’s all hat and no cattle.
    3. Some realize that Florida’s recruiting isn’t nearly where it has to be to compete with Georgia on a consistent basis. They are trying to warn the ones in category 1.
    It’s Stingtalk with less cleverness.

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  8. RangerRuss

    All D and no “prolific offense”, eh?
    Does 42-7 ring any bells? That was Kirby. You will see that again.
    Fuck those motherfuckers.

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  9. theotherdoug

    That whole thread is full of delusional fans sprinkled with a couple of realists. We all saw what Mullen’s offense looked like with out Pitts and Toney in the bowl game. Trask threw 3 straight picks, so stop it with the QB whisperer crap.

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  10. bigjohnson1992

    He’s not all wrong btw.