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Back for less

I guess you could say I was half-surprised by this Bill Connelly tweet.

Screenshot_2021-01-31 Bill Connelly on Twitter

Bottom five on defensive returning production?  Sure, I could see that, but where’s Georgia on offense, and why not higher up?

Considering where Bill has Clemson ranked in returning defensive production, that’s gonna make for an interesting matchup in Georgia’s opener.



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Banged for the buck

The SEC is a place that pisses money away on coaches like nowhere else, so why should this come as any surprise?

That defensive posture for the Power Five comes after the conferences — the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC and Pac-12 — collectively spent $1,730,000 to lobby Congress in 2020 — by far the most they have spent in a year, according to lobbying disclosures reviewed by The Associated Press.

The NCAA, despite calling off its lucrative basketball tournaments last March, spent $480,000 on lobbying, roughly in line with its budget in past years, for a total of $2,210,000 paid to lobbyists with similar aims.

Each Power Five conference hired its own lobbying firm and they collectively hired the same two firms — one Republican and one Democratic — as part of their push for a narrow bill giving athletes NIL rights, with numerous restrictions. The Southeastern Conference had the biggest lobbying budget of any league and even outspent the NCAA, paying its lobbyists $570,000.

The lobbyists got most of their wish list into a bill introduced last month by Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., but with Wicker no longer the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, it’s unlikely his bill would advance if it were reintroduced in the new Congress.  [Emphasis added.]

If Jimmy Sexton represented the lobbyists, he’d have already negotiated a raise and a contract extension for them, with a large buyout.


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