Huntley Johnson, MVP

There’s a reason Corch had that fucker on speed dial.

That is an accurate number, per the New York Times.

A roster on the university’s Web site lists 121 players, 41 of whom have been arrested, either in college or afterward, and sometimes both. That number included 16 players on that season’s final two-deep roster, nine of whom were starters, as well as a kicker, punter and returner. Several of those players went on to the N.F.L., and one, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, later won the Heisman Trophy playing for Auburn.

Definitely a special team.  Mrs. Corch was pretty special, too.

After Hernandez’s arrest, Florida declined to comment. Meyer, about to start his second season as coach of Ohio State, initially declined to answer questions about Hernandez, a player who reportedly went to regular Bible study in Meyer’s home.

But Meyer’s wife, Shelley, posted on her Twitter page, “When will we start holding individuals accountable for their own decisions/actions and stop blaming any/everyone else?” She added the hashtag “liveyourliferight.”

Praise Jesus!

But in 2009, the number of arrests was such that The Orlando Sentinel, which covers the university, decided to maintain an online database to keep track of them.

I guess those Bible studies didn’t take real well.


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34 responses to “Huntley Johnson, MVP

  1. Don’t some Florida law enforcement think that Hernandez may have killed someone while he was in Hogtown?


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    How . . . revealing. Corch Irvin Meyers didn’t care a whit, an iota, a scintilla, a RCH, as long as they won games, for him. I would say he hid behind Tim Tebow’s brass band religiosity the whole time, but he isn’t capable of shame sufficient to think he should hide.

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  3. theotherdoug

    Don’t forget Zach Smith

    41 players + 1 coach

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  4. mwodieseldawg

    This stat will NOT be forever in the mind of Urban Meyer.. I guess the meme writer doesn’t want free passes to see the Jacksonville Jagoffs play.

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  5. gurkhadawg

    I don’t understand the shot at Mrs Corch. Are you saying that Bible study contributed to Hernandez becoming a homicidal maniac?

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  6. RangerRuss

    They make it so easy to hate them.
    Fuck those motherfuckers.

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    • Down Island Way

      Ranger, don’t hate ’em…just dislike them to the point of falling off the face of this earth isn’t good enough for the world at large, burning in the bowels of hell would only be an appetizer to FU being escorted to the planet Pluto…#FTMF

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  7. Ran A

    UF folks can get really defensive really fast about this. Many claiming it wasn’t true. They hate Meyer, but that doesn’t mean they are ready to give those Natty’s back. Will tell you he is a scumbag, but not the character of the teams. Puts a big stain on those two Natty’s and they know it.


  8. gastr1

    Hell with the 30 for 30. Just get the boys back together for a remake of “The Longest Yard.”

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  9. As others have said, if Corch had just retired and left the game in 2010, the Handbags would be defending him as one of their own. The fact that he retired just to pop up at Ohio State later makes them detest him.

    Huntley Johnson really should be the one inducted into the College Hall of Fame someday.


  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    I’m thinking as soon as Tebow graduated, there were no more Bible Study nights at Corch’s house.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      There’s Something About Timmy…

      Got to give the GPOOE credit for the God-given uncanny ability to be looking the other way whenever any criminal activity was taking place or being discussed.

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  11. aucarson

    And everybody said Auburn retired the Fulmer Cup over at EDSBS.


  12. PTC DAWG

    Were any of them riding a scooter coming out of an alley? “Arrested” covers a lot of ground.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, that’s the part that always pissed me off. These guys were off killing people and threatening to kill women, and meanwhile it was Mark Richt that had “lost control of his program” for “emerging from an alley”. FTMF

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  13. Got Cowdog

    I’m curious what the kicker did. Seriously, the kicker?


  14. That team legitimately has bodies on it. And just wait until the Pounceys are out of the league and broke.


  15. DC Weez

    Maybe the 2008 Florida team should permanently retroactively retire the Fulmer Cup.


  16. Just a suggestion to employers…if your job candidate graduated from tOSU and took Urban’s “Ethics” course, pass on hiring.


  17. archiecreek

    I’ve said it a thousand times to supporters of the ditch lizards that once the criminal element (aka UF football players) arrived on campus they became choir boys for four years!!
    41 plus a coach????
    that’s like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!!!!