A look at Georgia’s 2020 playbook

If you are looking for a deep dive into what Todd Monken was calling last season, look no further than this.

Much of Georgia’s recent offensive modus operandi has functioned under the assumption it fields far better talent than its opponents. With the ‘Dawgs being overly bigger, stronger, and faster, the thought process was UGA didn’t need to get too cute to succeed offensively. Of course, that line-em-up+knock-em-down philosophy worked quite well against most of Georgia’s defensive foes. But its stale, predictable scheme prevented the program from taking a leap and maximizing its talent when playing against other elites.

While defense will probably always be this team’s backbone as long as Kirby Smart is in charge, this program has historically shown its on the outside looking in despite plenty of laudable seasons and standout players. Like his mentor, Smart knew changing course offensively was vital in the never ending arms race that is college football. Though the steps Smart took to reinvigorate his offense weren’t exactly the same measures Nick Saban took at Alabama, bringing in a respected mind from the spread world in Todd Monken helped establish the ‘Dawgs’ new offensive identity.

Year-over-year in SEC play, Georgia improved its TD Rate, 3-and-Out Rate, Explosive Play Rate, and overall Success Rate. Monken called less runs from under center or the pistol and the Dawgs’ RPO Rate nearly doubled against conference opponents. Despite being thought to have less talent in its 2020 run game, UGA’s Y/C and rush yards before contact both improved by a half yard. But, the most noticeable impact Monken had on this offense was his belief in stretching opponents vertically. In addition to numerous deep passing looks littering Georgia’s script, both Stetson Bennett and JT Daniels finished with the two highest average depths of target in the conference. Trust me, it’s not just the chicks that dig the long ball.

He’s got a ton of clips to check out, breaking down the playcalling.  Trust me, it’ll keep you occupied for a while.  Also, this.


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9 responses to “A look at Georgia’s 2020 playbook

  1. mg4life0331

    Jeez, we was tied with Miss State with 10 mins left in the 4th.

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  2. Down Island Way

    I don’t pray for this or that concerning football plays… I do hope UGA football has multiple dagger/daggers/knives/pocket knives/machetes/butcher knives and cannon shots for all opponents on the 2021 UGA football schedule….

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  3. Greg

    Nice find…


  4. Kearis on that play! It was like the DB didn’t realize the ball had been snapped. I look forward to JT getting more time with his receivers to know how far to throw those passes going forward.


  5. Leach should have fired his defensive coordinator on the spot for that call. Cover 0 and rush 6 on 3rd and 20 is something you do on a video game. You play soft zone, rush 4, make the tackle, and force a FG attempt.


  6. 69Dawg

    Running backs will finally have easy pickings next year. No more 8 in the box unless your DC is stupid and has a death wish. If Luke can just teach the OL to handle stunts and corner blitz we might put up 50.