Welcome to the party, pal.

Iowa adds itself to the list of states looking to pass college athletes’ NIL legislation.

On Wednesday, state senators from Iowa introduced legislation to govern name, image and likeness, joining dozens of state legislatures scrambling to pass laws on the topic in what is sure to be a politically charged spring and summer in college athletics.

Iowa’s bill, which is bipartisan in nature, comes with a significant effective date. It would kick in on July 1, matching the earliest effective date of any state bill. Florida’s state NIL law, which passed last year, goes into effect the same day.

“Now that we’re seeing multiple states moving ahead, we want to make sure no Iowa athlete is left behind,” says the bill’s author, Sen. Nate Boulton, a Democrat representing Iowa’s 16th District, which includes the capital of Des Moines.

More like no Iowa football program is left behind.  There are probably a few more state legislative bodies doing the same math.

With Congress looking more and more like it won’t address the issue on a timely basis, it’s coming down to all of the NCAA’s eggs being placed in the Supreme Court’s basket.


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7 responses to “Welcome to the party, pal.

  1. classiccitycanine

    Any word on when Georgia passes such a law? I remember one was proposed, but I don’t think they ever passed one. Might be time to check in with Houston Gaines and make sure he’s on the mother.


  2. SoCalDawg

    I come for the NCAA’s welcomed discomfort, and stay for the Die Hard reference headers. Well done, Sir!

    NCAA is hoping their Christmas miracle turns out better than Theo & Hans.


  3. Which is not a safe place to be. Unless you’re an art thief formerly of the Third Reich.


    • Although, maybe “art thief of the Third Reich” is no worse than the NCAA’s other metaphorical doppelganger, “a cartel.” Maybe they’ll be fine.


  4. 69Dawg

    NCAA is now rearranging the deck chairs on it’s very own Titanic.