YOU get a raise! And YOU get a raise!

Some of y’all saw the news yesterday about this.

UGA football defensive coordinator Dan Lanning is one of three assistants on Kirby Smart’s staff that got a boost in salary since the end of last season.

Lanning, who turned down a chance to become Texas defensive coordinator, got a $450,000 raise to bring his annual salary to $1.75 million, according to information obtained Wednesday by the Athens Banner-Herald in an open records request…

Georgia running backs coach Dell McGee got a $125,000 raise to take his pay to $800,000.

Tight ends coach Todd Hartley’s salary increased $50,000 to $450,000.

New defensive backs coach Jahmile Addae will make $500,000.

That’s $100,000 less than Georgia paid Charlton Warren who left as DBs coach to become Indiana defensive coordinator.

Yeah, that bad ol’ pandemic has really put a crimp in athletic department expenses.

On top of that…

If that’s not the highest salary in the country for an analyst, it’s gotta be close.  But that’s not even the most impressive part.  This is.

That’s over $21 million to a guy whose career record as a head coach is 55-51.  Cue the BoDeans.


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11 responses to “YOU get a raise! And YOU get a raise!

  1. mwodieseldawg

    He must have paid attention in business class while at UGA.

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    • SoCalDawg

      Was thinking the same thing. I was in several of those finance classes with him. . .he clearly got more out of them than me. 🙂 In all seriousness, kudos to him and h/t for hiring Jimmy Sexton too. That’s a lot of generational runway.


  2. Dawg in Austin

    You forgot the $16-17M he raked in while coaching at South Carolina.

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  3. armydawg

    There was one big problem with those raises: Monken got zero for a raise. He’s the one that should have gotten a mega-raise after what he did for the offense and JT. If I was him I’d be seriously pissed. Kirby better pay that man or lose him n a year or so.

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  4. rincondawg

    I would suggest that if he is as successful this year as we are anticipating, he will be the highest paid assistant on the team this time next year. After all, didn’t he sign a 3 year, 3.3 million dollar contract to come to UGA? He might be smiling at the possibilities instead of being mad at what someone else is making. Just a thought!!

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  5. gotthepicture

    I guess we’re all-in on Lanning, Hartely and Muschamp. 300% and 800% increases in your salary? Sign me up.


  6. ASEF

    BoDeans! Thank you!

    And that 55-51 was with the tailwind of Florida’s 2010 recruiting class, which was the all-time best prior to… you know.


  7. Had never heard of the BoDeans. Now I am scouring the interweb for their music. Thank you Senator.


  8. Had never heard of the BoDeans. Now I am scouring the interweb for their music. Thank you Senator.