If you had to pick one thing Todd Monken does well…

Me, I’m gonna go with pass play design.

It seemed like there were always one or two easy looks for a quarterback on every pass play last season.

The trick was getting the quarterback to look in the first place.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Man, with a full Spring and Fall Practice in this offense, you have to imagine JT Daniels is going to be unstoppable with everyone he has to throw to. Pickens, Jackson, Burton, Smith, Robertson, Cook, Washington, and of course, Blalock and Rosemy-St. James coming back from injury. Absolutely LOADED.

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  2. Greg

    “The trick was getting the quarterback to look in the first place”

    Few can make it look easy….but it ain’t. Looking for your primary receiver to be open then to your secondary one all in 2 to 3 seconds can be tough.

    Excited to see what Daniels can do with a full season to prepare. I believe he is one the few that can make it look easy. Thinks our OL will also give him the time to do so.

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    • HirsuteDawg

      Not doubting what you say – but why do you think the OL will be good enough to give ’em time to pass successfully?


      • Greg

        I guess nobody really knows until they know.

        But from my perspective, off the top of my head.

        I believe we may be a little more athletic without sacrificing size. We had 6 pretty big time recruits come in in the year before, most now have some experience. Then, this years class.

        We are going to miss our left tackle, but thinks Jones is gonna be a stud…..very athletic. That will probably be the hardest position to replace.

        I believe we got a couple of 5 star recruits this year. Mims will probably get some playing time, he is also athletic for his size. I may be as exited about Micah Morris (name?) and the 3 star guard out of North Carolina as I am Mims.

        Thinks we improve at center, I believe we have Van Pran (name?) out of Louisiana and the kid from Alabama that could start there….name escapes me without looking it up.

        Only a freshman, but I also like the Fairchild fellow…the undefeated state champion wrestler.

        In short, just new blood, spring training, quality depth and maybe more quickness.

        We’ll see..


        • HirsuteDawg

          I used to argue with a buddy that a good running back made an average line look good. He argued back that a good line made an average back look good. Here is hoping for a good line and good running backs. We have the receivers (and seem to have a QB). Maybe this year we can have it all.


  3. rigger92

    I pick “get our RB’s to the second level consistently”. I know, I know, I am confident that our passing game will be there, so, just keep it going. It’s the run game I would like to see improved.

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  4. 69Dawg

    Burton was lonesome out there, nobody within 10 yards. Guess he won’t have Burton to ignore in 2021.

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  5. ASEF

    Offense is going to take a real step forward, but defensive coordinators have an entire offseason to look at JT/Monken tape. That’s going to make things a bit more complicated than what we saw down the stretch last season.


    • Greg

      Yep…hoping Daniels improves on his mobility.

      Call me crazy, but thinks the pass defense improves.

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      • Bulldawg Bill

        OK, great! You’re Crazy!!! Now what?

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        • Greg

          Hard to do worse than a #88 rank from a year ago. Good news is, the new coach had the #1 ranked passing ‘D.

          Maybe the “new guy” can get them all on the same page. A lot of talent last year, but also a lot of busted coverages.

          But you can still call me “Crazy”…been called worse.


    • mwodieseldawg

      I don’t think DCs will have an answer for Monken’s offense. In the Alabama game someone was open on every play, we just couldn’t get the ball to them. It happened in several games up to and including FU.

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      • Down Island Way

        ^^^^^Tru dat^^^^^…….


      • rigger92

        Which is why I want our run blocking to achieve. Also, the “tape” on Monken is a valid point but I assume he knows that and has dealt with it for years.

        We have talent, hopefully, that can understand these things, I know I would. An O line that can make gaps and RB corps that anticipates combined with route trees that confuse the secondary? Thank you ma’am, Ill have some more of that. As we all know, it takes all 11 to make stuff happen against the other 11 and their top shelf scouting.


  6. armydawg

    The best thing Monken did was to stay and commit to to the G. I think He’s got more shiny new toys to play with here than he’s ever had in college ball. He’s got to be running around with a permanent boner just thinking about it. We may or may not win it all this year but I see a 2017 type of season coming. Can’t wait.


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