Just a reminder

If it were so easy, more than 10% of D1 would be doing it.


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  1. Illini84

    No no no, this is MY team and if it’s not NUMBER ONE it’s all worthless!! /s

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  2. Greg

    And to just think….we let go Coach 9.67..


  3. RangerRuss

    Steel on target, Bluto. When a coach is fired it damn sure should be only if there’s a guaranteed viable replacement. UGA’s hiring of CKS is commendable in that respect. I worried that the Dawgs would find themselves in a similar situation as UTK at that time. Never in my nightmares could I imagine that a program could be in worse shape Tennessee. Damn if they didn’t lower the bar even further along with USCum declaring, “Hold my beer”.
    As a Dawg fan I feel blessed.


    • Greg

      Kirby kinda grows on you, for me he does. Thought it was a mistake when CMR was let go. Turned out to be an improvement imo.

      Recruiting has never been this good. Kirby is growing into a good coach…..and will get is to the promised land imo…..BWTFDIK.

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      • RangerRuss

        Same here, Greg. Initially I thought firing CMR was a bad idea and very little about Kirby’s first year did much to change my mind. It was my ol buddy Grant, Clemson grad, who told me not to be concerned. He certainly has experience with waiting for a HC to develop.
        Hiring CKS was a good move. I hope it becomes the greatest decision ever made for UGA Football.

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  4. chicagodawgfan

    6+ Wins a year is a pretty low bar, basically 6-6 record. I wonder how many teams are left if you move the bar to 9+ wins…definitely provides some good context.

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  5. spur21

    But Mullen………………


  6. rigger92

    Super Bowl comment: Fournette? How awesome is it to be the RB behind Brady?

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  7. rigger92

    I think the Lady GaGa halftime was the last good one. This is really cheesy.


  8. If only they played football this long without a commercial. But red and black is a good suit

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  9. Ralph Freeman

    How many teams have won at least 6 games each season over the last 24 years? Methinks the answer is only Georgia.


  10. armydawg

    Great HC plus great OC & DC equals wins.