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Bold strategy, Cotton.

Um… judge as sole referee?  I thought that’s why parties with a conflict went to court in the first place.

Note that the states mentioned all have SEC programs.  Can’t wait to see how quick they change their tune if the Supremes don’t come through.


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High numbers

Unfortunately, ESPN’s gone and hidden Bill Connelly behind a paywall, so I can no longer see his SP+ ratings.  His first preseason list was posted today.  I don’t know exactly where Georgia sits, but based on this, I’m guessing pretty damned high.

Screenshot_2021-02-09 Bill Connelly on Twitter

If Georgia finishes the 2021 season in the top ten in offensive SP+, Todd Monken is a golden god.

And, yeah, Bill’s last sentence is spot on.


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Name that caption, family on the Plains edition

Take a shot, but I’m not sure you’ll do better than Bunkie Perkins does.


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2015, what a year

That Georgia number looks pretty bad, until you realize the Dawgs (preseason #9) fell out of the AP top 25 beginning in Week 7, never to return.  That’s ten weeks, right there.


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Where did all the signees go?

This is a pretty amazing statistic.

FBS college football teams signed more than 400 fewer recruits to scholarships in the class of 2021 than they did in the classes of 2020 and 2019. In 2021, FBS teams signed 2215. In 2020 they signed 2622, and in 2019 they signed 2671.

That’s… a lot.  What gives?

The article suggests a couple of things.

  • “A lot of teams elected to sacrifice the potential upside of recruits for the relative certainty of existing college players via the transfer portal.”  COVID made it harder to evaluate high schoolers (don’t forget, several states cancelled high school football completely) and the transfer portal offered an option with less uncertainty.
  • “The NCAA ruled that the 2020 season does not count against a player’s eligibility clock.”  That, in turn, meant some programs were reluctant to overload their 2021 rosters.

The short to medium term consequences of this should be interesting to watch.  The bulk of those 400 some odd players are still going to play college ball somewhere.  You’d have to think FCS programs are going to be buoyed somewhat by an influx of players from that group.  And the D-1 programs that didn’t take their usual fill of signees this year?  In two or three years, watch them raid those same FCS programs for the kids they passed on initially who worked out at the lower level.  It might very well turn out to be an efficient approach.


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Zamir’s year

Zeus certainly had a respectable 2020 campaign, especially for someone getting his legs under him a full season after two serious injuries.  He finished seventh in the conference in rushing yards.  His eleven rushing touchdowns finished in a tie for fourth.

What’s more encouraging is watching his tape.

You can see from the beginning that his ability to cut is there.  His patience and ability to see the gaps were there all season, as well.

What’s promising is that his top end speed appeared to improve over the course of the season.  If you watch the clips from the Missouri game, he’s able to maintain a pace equal to players in the secondary trying to run him down.  Early on, that wasn’t the case.

One other thing from that tape — in the bowl game, he clearly missed the blocking he got from Hill and Cleveland.  Hopefully, that’s something an offseason and reshuffling of the o-line can address.

What’s your impression of his 2020 season?


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