For those worried about how player compensation would cause the best talent to flow to the top programs…

… that’s already happening.


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  1. Blue chips are flocking to the places where they believe they can compete for championships and develop into pro prospects. Of that list, guess which school is also the highest rated academically. UGA over anOSU (according to a commenter yesterday mediocre UGA).

    Do the recruiting services get the individual player rankings right every time? No, a 5-star prospect who hasn’t panned out looks more like a 2-star player. Also, a kid like Jordan Davis who was a 3-star prospect has looked more and more like a blue chip as he got his chance.

    Kirby consistently plays up the fact that UGA gives recruits the best of everything – a dedication to winning, a great college experience and town, a chance to get developed into a professional, a great support network from facilities to health care, and an excellent place to receive a degree.

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    • gastr1

      I think it’s more likely that the idea that practicing against the best develops you into a more likely pro player is winning out over immediate playing time promises. Or maybe those schools just offer more ($), if you know what I mean. (We cannot seriously discount that, IMO.)


      • I think it depends on your position on the competition vs. playing time. At QB, you want to be on the field running the team as soon as possible. The Mac Jones/DJ Shockley approach of waiting your turn is going to be the exception. At most other positions, I would agree with you.

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      • ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

        yes, it is…
        1) the $ (in non McD’s bag as that is just a dumb rent-to-own single-wide redneck scheme, the other 6 run high class fully-owned-triple-wide-on-80-acres redneck scheme)
        2) getting to the league
        3) and then the other stuff ee listed above.

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    • Its about taking care of your body also. 4 years of getting slammed and beat up really isnt the best for your future. Sure, you have to compete harder to play, but if you are an elite player, its probably gonna work out.


  2. Godawg

    The best part of that list? Florida ain’t on it. #FTMF

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  3. Derek

    Competitive imbalances are certainly something a collective bargaining agreement with ownership could address.


    • TN Dawg

      The players should absolutely refuse a collective bargaining agreement.

      Mandatory unionization will be sold to the players as being for their own good and getting them some goodies, but it’s really not in their best interests.

      If you are Justin Fields or Trevor Lawerence coming out of high school, why would you want to limit your compensation to an NCAA-set or SEC-set level?

      It’s better for those guys to go it alone with an agent.

      And the rest of the players on the team should form their own informal University Local and threaten to strike of their demands aren’t met.

      Don’t want drug testing at UGA? Strike.
      Don’t like the head coach? Strike.

      That’s real power.

      The universities and network executives want the players’ power limited so that they can control money guarantee their ad revenue and ratings.

      But if a player’s likeness and image isn’t the property of the University for purposes of appearing in a video game, why should it be assumed that it their property for broadcast television rights?

      If I was a star player, I’d be telling ESPN that I need a check if they want me to play in the big game.

      In fact, it’s really hard to see why Georgia should get any of that television money, they aren’t really providing anything except a field.

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      • originaluglydawg

        “they aren’t really providing anything except a field.”
        Good giggly wiggly, TND!


      • 79dawg

        Lol, what are Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence worth without at least 21 other players?


      • stoopnagle



      • rigger92

        Years ago when Bluto started posting a lot about player compensation, I came up with similar logic.

        In my mind, the players should be paid directly by the TV network that shows the game that day. That’s not to say that the university and AA should not get anything, they should get royalties as well. University and AA staff/employees fall under a different umbrella than the players because the players are not employed by anyone but they could be seen as “working” for the TV network during the air time.


  4. I’m not worried about “player compensation (causing) the best talent to flow to the top programs.” I think it might work in reverse: Auburn or Tennessee missing out on recruits, but then boosters at those schools attracting transfers by offering them more money than they’re making with their original school.

    Of course, no one knows how the new system will work.


    • Derek

      True, but somehow its still promoted as superior to the status quo.

      My understanding is:

      “We don’t know where we’re going, but its better than here, just trust us, and no dammit, there are no other or better alternatives!”


      “We have to legitimize paying them because we’re already paying them so its like really urgent that we pay them, you know, like we do now.”

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      • 79dawg

        Yep, the status quo is just so untenable, we must do something, nevermind that that something is going further down the path that led us to where we are now….


      • classiccitycanine

        You act like it’s so difficult to figure out Derek. It’s easy. They get the freedom to go out and negotiate their worth on the open market just like everyone else (including their student peers on other types of scholarships). It’s only hard for someone to figure out if they stick their head in the sand.


        • Derek

          I’m happy for them to do exactly that. Unless they want to be a college athlete of course in which case there are rules designed to protect the integrity of the recruitment process.

          If Trevor wants to see what he’s worth on the open market as a Cartersville High School alum, have fucking at it.

          I’ve done the math for you btw. Sum total value IS!


          As a three year participant in the terrible awful horrific world set up by the Cartel of Beezlebub and his Fellow Demons known as the NCAA, he’ll have more money in June than he’ll ever spend.

          We gotta fix it! For trevor. My pearls are tear soaked and cracking under the weight of my grip for him.


          • classiccitycanine

            “Protect the integrity of the recruitment process…” LOLOLOL

            Thanks for the laughs brother. Keep that head buried in the sand. It’s safer in there.


    • I think if I am a 3 star – i may follow the money. lol.

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  5. TN Dawg

    It will certainly make program building much easier.

    Money will trump most other considerations for a lot of kids.

    “You can play for a championship” may dim in comparison to “How’d you like $100,000 to be the new spokesman for Pilot Oil gas stations?”


  6. TN Dawg

    Whenever the deed is done, the NCAA really should add back in wins and awards for programs and individuals that have had victories and titles vacated and awards stripped.

    USC football and Michigan Fab Five immediately come to mind, but there are certainly others.


  7. bigjohnson1992

    It’s all sounds cool until you tell them about the tax man. 1099 income is not entirely yours at the end of the year. They would def be independent contractors. Who’d W2 them? Not sure how many write offs they’d have. Do they form LLCs and have biz managers? Ha, this is/would be a great life lesson for these kids. ‘Nah son, only about half that money is yours’.


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