Old men football

Andy Staples ($$) includes Demetris Robertson on a list of what he refers to as THAT-GUY-IS-STILL-IN-COLLEGE? All-Stars.  He missed an even better example on Georgia’s roster.

A pair of Georgia seniors are taking advantage of the freebie year granted by the NCAA for the 2020 season but another Bulldog will not be back. UGA confirmed on Wednesday that wide receiver Demetris Robertson and defensive tackle Julian Rochester plan to return for a final season in Athens. Both were fifth-year seniors in 2020 but the NCAA’s decision to not count the 2020 season against the eligibility of any player in any sport allows them to return.

… Rochester has spent his entire career at Georgia after signing with the Bulldogs in Kirby Smart’s first class. He has appeared in 41 games for UGA with 113 total tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss and 5.5 sacks. He has only played in nine games over the past two seasons due to ACL injuries. He has suffered two of those, one at the end of the 2018 season that allowed him to play in just four games in 2019. His 2020 campaign was cut short due to an ACL injury suffered in the Kentucky game. He’s currently working to return from the injury and subsequent surgery from this past season.

Rochester signed with Smart, but I believe he committed to Richt in 2015, which would make him the only player left on Georgia’s roster who can claim that on his resume.

The thing is, Rochester looked like a sixth-year senior when he was a freshman.  Ageless.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Don’t want to criticize Julian too heavily, but maybe this is the year he shows “what we expected”. He’s been kinda like Ray Drew.

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  2. originaluglydawg

    It’s great to have them back. Not just for their talent, but for their maturity and leadership potential. A guy that’s been through what Rochester has been through with injuries will have a lot of insight and toughness to pass on to the youngsters. I hope he has an All SEC year or better and gets eight or nine sacks against the UFMFs.

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    • bigjohnson1992

      Prett sure they came back because they’d be lucky to be undrafted training camp invites next year. It’s not like they’re comparable to the Bama kids that came back last year. But glad they’re back regardless.


  3. Russ

    I’d like to see both those guys stand out and then go get paid. I’m glad to have both of them.

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    • Down Island Way

      Mr. Rochester brings a ton of needed down lineman/sec experience to UGA this upcoming season, the secondary will thank him later….

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    • I still believe that D Rob has plenty of under utilized skills. I feel like he is a good guy in traffic. Even in 2020, a few passes his way were not the best. Give the guy a few layups already.

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      • RangerRuss

        DRob seems to have trouble catching everything but the perfect pass. I may be too hard on him.


        • honestly, at times I think hes surprised the ball is even coming his way. i dont blame him. I still say give him a lay up and get him 3-5 touches a game. if he doesnt look good then, ok. But he has been criticized for missing some really tough balls, like thrown behind him when he is at speed.

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        • I think Robertson has been a victim of the Terry Godwin disease. Until you show you can be a good blocking WR, you don’t get snaps.


  4. Andy Berryman

    Rochester will be limping forever from his days wearing the red and black. That’s a DGD no matter what, but I hope he has a great season.

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  5. I appreciate all their contributions but don’t see any of them playing more than they have, unless there are catastrophic injuries.

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  6. Anon

    Jody Patton played 8 years I’m almost positive

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  7. Wasn’t Tommie Agee at Auburn for 12 years?


  8. 81Dog

    Tron Jackson remains the standard by which all 10 year roster vets at UGA are judged.