Tray Scott works out.

It’s kind of interesting to compare the skepticism about Tray Scott early on to where he is now.

If you’re scoring at home, Tray Scott has landed a five star defensive lineman in every recruiting class save his first one, and has managed to restock the depth chart up front with even more blue chip recruits, most of whom are still in Athens and playing for him.

The Bulldogs has 12 different defensive linemen record a tackle in 2020. All but senior Malik Herring are set to return in 2021. Did I mention that Georgia led the SEC in rush defense in 2019 and 2020? I should have mentioned that, too.

All of which is to say, Tray Scott has quietly emerged as a rock star recruiter and a solid developer of talent after coming to Athens as a relatively unproven addition.

Recruiter and developer?  Not too shabby.  Maybe we didn’t see that coming, but it looks like Kirby did.


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  1. Definitely recommend that article. Scott has become a force on the recruiting trail and on the field. We’re only starting to see the results of his labor with guys going to the NFL. He’s going to have a run of high draft picks starting next year with Jordan Davis. The amount of depth on the defensive line is staggering and, dare I say, Alabama-like.

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  2. originaluglydawg

    Shhhhh! Dammit.
    (There are some deep pocketbooks from other programs looking for rising stars.)

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  3. Ran A

    Best position coach hire Kirby has made and that is saying something.

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  4. chicagodawgfan

    I admit to being one of the skeptics after his first season, but he’s really done a great job of routinely making the DL one of the team’s strengths each season. I’m glad he proved me wrong!

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  5. Dawg in Austin

    I agree but it remains a mystery why none of the guys he’s coached have been drafted.


  6. classiccitycanine

    Until I start seeing some of these guys become surefire first rounders (especially Travon Walker and Jalen Carter), I’m going to hold off on declaring him elite.


    • rugbydawg79

      That will change soon. Getting Bear Alexander out of Texas was big and the kids seem to really like him. He is doing a fine job.


    • Darin Cochran

      I’m not being sarcastic here, but heck, why does that matter? I may be in the minority here, but once a kid leaves the program, I want them to prosper, but they’ll never help UGA win another game, except maybe by flaunting their reputation. And not having any first rounders that have been flaunting their rep sure hasn’t seemed to hurt his recruiting….when you get five star guys, that’s as good as it gets. We are recruiting on the same level as anybody in the country recruits with the exception of Bama, and it’s only because they might sign a few more five stars than we do. But that’s one school in the entire country that you can say that about. Travon Walker, Jalen Carter, Jordan Davis, etc. these boys are as good as anybody playing for Clemson, Bama or the Suckeyes.
      For the record, I said the same thing about David Greene and Aaron Murray. Our rivals may point out that they did not excel in the NFL, but I will turn right around and say that they excelled at whipping your butts when they was a dawg, so I don’t care! Just my humble opinion.


      • classiccitycanine

        It matters because guys who get picked in the first round are generally the best in college football. Jordan Davis is good but Quinnen Williams was much better. Tyson Campbell is good, but Patrick Surtain II is better.


  7. Greg

    Yep….hated to lose Rocker, but Scott has proven to be an upgrade.


  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I saw good things from Tray early on. Best example is Jordan Davis – recruited by Tray when not that many saw the diamond in the rough. And, I would say, developed by Tray.

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  9. Can’t even begin to describe how amazing it is to me to watch great lineman at UGA instead of seeing them all go elsewhere, especially to Awburn!


  10. Yeah, he’s very quietly become a really good hire.


  11. Info Info

    BUT WAIT!…Kirby doesn’t develop players…or coaches…