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It’s the song, not the singer.

Greg McGarity may be gone, but Butts-Mehre is still peddling the same nonsense.

Don’t pay attention to the big number.

Essentially, that was the message from UGA on Friday upon release of the 2020 financial report to the NCAA. That report showed the Georgia Athletic Association with a surplus of more than $40 million in the fiscal year that ended June 30.

While the Bulldogs indeed came home with money, as usual, that figure doesn’t reflect considerable expenses that came out during the same period, UGA officials said.

Georgia reported $179,295,904 in operating revenue and $138,757,891 in operating expenses. The difference is a surplus of $40,538,013.

Asked for clarification of the figures, UGA said the NCAA’s balance sheet does not reflect more than $21 million paid toward completed and ongoing construction projects. It also does not include the athletic association’s annual payment of $4.5 million to the university. That, UGA said, puts the surplus figure closer to $13 million.

You made a big profit, guys.  Good for you.  Just because you decided to spend some of it on other things doesn’t mean it wasn’t profit to begin with.

“Despite reduced revenue last year, the unwavering support of our fans and donors, coupled with the disciplined financial practices of our coaches and staff, has put the UGAAA in the black, which is detailed in this report,” Stephanie Ransom, UGA’s deputy athletic director for finance, said in a statement. “While the NCAA Membership Financial Report is straightforward, it is important to understand that the NCAA distinctly defines both revenues and expenditures, so our positive balance is not a simple net amount.”

Why those legitimate expenses aren’t reflected in the report is “an accounting function” of the NCAA questionnaire form, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was told. All Division I institutions are required to submit one by Jan. 15 of each year. The release of its contents is controlled by the respective schools.

This is the same bovine fecal matter McGarity stumbled over when he called me.  I know they know better, but I guess as long as there are credulous journalists out there, they’ll keep shoveling it.


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Lip service

So, reading this, from Jake Rowe’s quarterback outlook piece, I’ve got a question for you.

Smart is probably going to talk about competition quite a bit but this is Daniels’ job to lose. We won’t see much, if any, practice but he’s going to get the bulk of the first-team reps. If it has the numbers, UGA will try and us at least four groups during practice to get each of these guys and other players plenty of reps within the system. There’s a strong likelihood that Bennett, Beck, and Vandagriff get some of the reps with the first team that Daniels’ doesn’t get but it won’t be that way early in spring drills. The focus for the first couple of weeks will be making sure everything gets installed. Vandagriff will be drinking from a firehose in that regard.

You know Daniels is gonna be the starter (barring injury, of course, but let’s not go there).  I know Daniels is gonna be the starter.  The quarterbacks know Daniels is gonna be the starter.  Monken knows Daniels is gonna be the starter.  Kirby knows Daniels is gonna be the starter.  So… how many odes to competition do you think Kirby will sing in the preseason?  And will his heart even be in it?


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TFW he’s your guy

What the hell kind of due diligence did Fulmer run when he hired Pruitt?  Did he even bother to pick up the phone and call somebody in Athens, or did he just take Jeremy’s word for it?


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The spirit of Jimmy Williamson lives on.

Look who got caught driving Mudcat’s car.

The more things change…


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