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Don’t @ him, please.

The latest in a line of bold claims from UCF:

Ummm… he may have a point there.




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Okay, here’s a fun little mental exercise for you.

As is always the case, the expectations in Athens and Baton Rouge will be very high in 2021.

There are plenty of reasons to like both teams to be legitimate contenders not just for their respective SEC divisions but the College Football Playoff but having preseason hype and living up to those massive expectations are two different things.

Taking that into consideration, which coach needs a big season more in 2021, Kirby Smart or Ed Orgeron?

That was a question asked of ESPN host Paul Finebaum on Monday during his latest appearance on Birmingham-based WJOX 94.5 FM radio show The Roundtable.

Without looking at the linked piece, predict the answer and Finebaum’s rationale for it.


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SEC preseason SP+ rankings

As I said before, I don’t pay for ESPN’s subscription service, so Bill Connelly is unfortunately hidden behind a paywall for me.  Fortunately, Saturday Down South has sprung for the cost and posted Bill’s 2021 preseason rankings.

  1. Alabama (30.7, No. 1 overall)
  2. Georgia (24.1, No. 6)
  3. Florida (21.2, No. 12)
  4. Texas A&M (20.9, No. 13)
  5. Ole Miss (14.9, No. 24)
  6. LSU (14.6, No. 26)
  7. Auburn (14.2, No. 28)
  8. Arkansas (8.8, No. 41)
  9. Mississippi State (8.1, No. 44)
  10. Tennessee (6.1, No. 49)
  11. Kentucky (4.8, No. 57)
  12. Mizzou (4.7, No. 58)
  13. South Carolina (-5.3, No. 90)
  14. Vanderbilt (-12.7, No. 108)

I admit to a bit more nervousness accepting SP+ ratings this year because of the outlier 2020 represents, and those results are baked into those 2021 preseason numbers.  So, it will be interesting to follow Bill’s ratings once the season is underway and the 2021 stats are given greater weight in his calculations.

That being said, there are a few eyebrow-raising items there, starting with Ole Miss ranking ahead of LSU.  Maybe it’ll work out like that, but LSU still has a talent advantage (not to mention Bo Pelini is gone) and that Ole Miss defense was gawdawful.  Arkansas moving quickly ahead of several SEC programs is both a surprise and a credit to the job Pittman did last season.

I suspect by season’s end, Bill will have Tennessee lower on the totem pole than either Kentucky or Missouri, too.


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Blitz happy

Here’s a clip of every offensive play Georgia ran in the Peach Bowl.

In retrospect, it’s amazing to see how many plays Cincinnati blitzed.  Given the turnover on Georgia’s offensive line, it was the perfect strategy to run.  There were plenty of occasions where Georgia’s linemen looked overmatched, mainly because they were outnumbered.  There were also communication issues, again, not a surprise, given the circumstances.

One thing I noticed watching was that Daniels’ interception came as the result of having to throw the ball earlier than he wanted because of pressure that came up the middle on a — what else? — late blitz.

Another thing I noticed was that all of you who are pushing for McIntosh to pass White on the depth chart ought to take a close look at Kenny’s work in pass protection.  He’s got a ways to go in that department.

Finally, give Daniels some credit.  For a guy who got the crap beat out of him, he still managed to complete over 68% of his pass attempts, for almost 400 yards against a respectable pass defense.

I feel pretty certain that the starting o-line against Clemson won’t be the same bunch that faced Cinci.


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“I sure hope this is the year; I am so tired of ‘waiting till next year.’”

Bill King has a good piece about 2021 expectations and the Georgia fan base, ultimately summarized like this:

“The playoff system has changed so much about college football and not all of it for the better,” Georgia fan Joel Provano said. “If you don’t win it all, you’ve had an unsuccessful season.”

So, simply put, how far do the Dawgs have to go this season for you to deem it a success?  The SECCG?  The CFP semis?  The national championship game?  A national title?  After all, Georgia’s managed to check the first three boxes already under Smart.  Is a rerun of 2017 going to be enough to satisfy the fan base?

Have at it in the comments.


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“Does every academic organization make money?”

This story about Stanford axing a number of non-revenue producing sports and the aftermath is like a concentrated dose of all the bullshit that is college athletics.  Consider:

  • Stanford kills eleven teams last July.
  • The 11 sports represent roughly one-third of the school’s 36 sponsored athletic programs, account for 240 athletes and include programs that have produced 20 national titles and 27 Olympic medals.
  • In the next six months, pledges of $40 million to fund the 11 discontinued squads have been made, and at least three of the teams have raised enough to self-endow, fully covering their operating expenses permanently.
  • The school claims the cutbacks will eventually save it $8 million a year and has refused to consider reinstating any of them.
  • “Using the university’s own financial figures, 36 Sports Strong generated a study to show that the elimination of the 11 sports is only a minimal budgetary impact and attributes the department’s deficit to an 84% increase in salary and benefits over the last decade, much of it tied to football and men’s basketball.”
  • Still, even after a face to face meeting, the school hasn’t budged.

Why?  Well, if you guessed money…

Many members of 36 Sports Strong theorize that the university, in part, eliminated sports to create admission flexibility. Stanford is one of the few colleges in the U.S. at capacity academically. In this theory, the university would now have the freedom to fill classroom spots occupied by athletes with those who may generate more tuition or carry a higher academic acumen.

The school fervently denies that, but as we all know, when they say it’s not about the money…


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Musical palate cleanser, readers’ choice, part one

The last Playpen garnered a bunch of interesting suggestions, both in the comments and in a few emails I received, so I thought I would devote a week’s worth of MPCs to your picks.

Today’s selection comes from Uglydawg.  Here’s his write up:

Judith Durham Looks Back On ‘The Seekers’ & 60 Years Of Music | Studio 10 – YouTube

There’s a lot of video on Judith.

When she was young (and I was young) I was in love with her.  I wanted to marry her and so did a lot of other guys in the 60s and 70s.

Hell, I still might but my wife might has a problem with it.

Judith was so cute!

If you watch the performance or recording videos, you can’t take your eyes off of Judith (at least I can’t)

Judith  was also very humble and shy and considered herself to be not very attractive.

Her vocal and visual appeal were amazing.

The Seekers had some great hits, but the greatest was “If I Should Lose Your Love”.  There are some great videos of that recording session.

Also Judith really shows off her voice in “Georgie Girl”.

Judith could really, really belt out some vocals!

NEVER say anything adverse about her to an Aussie unless you are looking for an ass beating!

She is considered a National Treasure. (There is also a very interesting video where the Seekers performed “I Am Australian”, “Georgie Girl” and “Waltzing Matilda” in a packed football stadium in Perth or Sydney or one of those Down Under cities.

If you’ve got ten and a half minutes to watch this video, you’ll see one of the most amazing talents ever.

More to come…


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Is the Gus Bus parking in a new garage?

I’m sure some saw this coming as soon as Malzahn’s old Arkansas State boss got a new job.

UCF has offered Gus Malzahn its head football coaching job, a source confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel Sunday night.

Malzahn, 55, spent the past eight seasons as coach at Auburn, where he led the Tigers to a 68-35 overall record and a 39-27 mark in the SEC. He was fired on Dec. 13 following a 6-4 campaign and a third-place finish in the SEC West.

It’s unclear whether Malzahn will accept the UCF offer.

Pat Forde says he expressed interest in the job last weekend, so I’m guessing it’s gonna happen.  Nothing like bringing home the guy who helped bring you your first national championship.  Circle of life, man.

I’m only half joking, but is it possible that Malzahn’s trading up?


UPDATE:  Per Bruce Feldman ($$), Todd Monken was also a target for the UCF job.  For everything you’ve done for UGA, thanks, again, Gus.


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