Okay, here’s a fun little mental exercise for you.

As is always the case, the expectations in Athens and Baton Rouge will be very high in 2021.

There are plenty of reasons to like both teams to be legitimate contenders not just for their respective SEC divisions but the College Football Playoff but having preseason hype and living up to those massive expectations are two different things.

Taking that into consideration, which coach needs a big season more in 2021, Kirby Smart or Ed Orgeron?

That was a question asked of ESPN host Paul Finebaum on Monday during his latest appearance on Birmingham-based WJOX 94.5 FM radio show The Roundtable.

Without looking at the linked piece, predict the answer and Finebaum’s rationale for it.


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30 responses to “PAWWWLLL sez…

  1. Derek

    Smart. Because Coach O already has a title.


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  2. Kirby because Little Nicky told him to say it.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    A person thinking rationally would guess that Paaaawwwll would say Kirby, because Coach O won a National Title in 2019, but that person would be wrong because Paaaawwwll is not rational, or, he doesn’t deal in rationality because rationality doesn’t get ratings.

    So I’m going to guess he said Coach O with the reason being because there’s this idea that Orgeron is just a CEO who is thoroughly dependent on his coordinator hires to win him titles. He succeeded with Aranda and Joe Brady, but then he made two hires that anyone and their mama knew were going to be terrible in Bo Pelini and Scott Linehan to replace those guys. So this year is a referrendum on the choices Coach O makes for his DC and OC. Did he simply catch lightning in a bottle with Aranda and Brady (really Brady as Aranda was already there), or is he someone who can be the next Bobby Bowden where he can recruit good talent and let his coordinators do everything else?

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  4. Is this a “whos seat is hotter” question? Pawl is lame.


  5. TN Dawg

    Kirby because Orgeron has won a title.


  6. If his answer is Coach O it would be both hilarious and moronic.


  7. jdawg108

    Kirby because he hasn’t won the big one yet


  8. Smart, because Alabama blah blah blah

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  9. ASEF

    Can O handle staff turnover? That’s the biggest question hanging over either program. And absent winning the lottery with the Brady, Burrow, Aranda trifecta, O’s track record on that front is spotty at best.

    O could get Chiziked this year. Kirby’s 100% coaching Georgia in 2022

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  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    What did Penis Head say?


  11. fisheriesdawg

    No idea, but he definitely found a way to make it all about Alabama.

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  12. Down Island Way

    After weeding through all that…what was the question again…..? sometimes winning that big trophy will be a pain in your ass…winning it twice or more will shut them all up….


  13. charlottedawg

    Which coach needs a big season in 2021 more? Coach O fo’ sho’

    Which program needs a big season more? UGA by a country mile


  14. Jack Klompus

    Kirby, fan base will turn, blah blah


  15. Scotty King

    I heard Paul’s show today. I usually enjoy it. However, when he started asking about a lunatic fringe of Georgia fans calling for Kirby’s head, I nearly choked.

    He and other media members (so called experts) are the only ones I’ve ever heard mention this.


  16. akascuba

    Kirby is much more of a long term threat than Coach O to Pawwwl’s favorite team and hero St. Nick. I have no clue which coach he chose today. I have better things in life than listening to the most biased talk show in the south.
    I do know he never misses a chance to toss shade Kirby’s way. There was a time I used to listen I just can’t anymore.

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