Georgia football comin’.

What’s the one thing you most hope to see in the opener?  What’s your biggest worry for that game?


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  1. munsonlarryfkajim

    A victory
    A loss

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  2. Dawglicious

    We score 45
    We give up 48

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  3. My biggest hope is that our offense plays well and scores well against a team returning all 11 defensive starters.

    My biggest worry is that both the O-Line and the defensive backfield are complete sh*t shows that every team we play the rest of the season can exploit.


  4. I hope to see an offensive line that blocks well enough to allow us to be balanced.

    I fear we’re going to see the Tiggers’ defensive line make us one-dimensional.

    We won’t beat them if we can’t run and pass. The MSU/Cincinnati line play won’t be enough to win.

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  5. elbertadawg

    See JT Daniels
    On the sideline only.


  6. Derek

    Hope: Offensive efficiency and a stifling defense.

    Worry: that DJ Ukulele is really, really good.

    I do know one thing: If clemson isn’t a lot better on the LOS than they were against OSU, then they’re toting a whuppin’. They didn’t look “elite” to me in that game. Small, slow and soft. They looked like what we put out there in 2008. A top qb and a top back and not a whole lot else.

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  7. Ran A

    Wide open offense that scores multiple times – multiple ways. The secondary (early in the season).


  8. RangerRuss

    My hope is we beat those taters so bad no self respecting QB or five star from GEORGIA ever considers crossing the river to that shithole again.
    No fear.
    Clemson sucks.

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  9. rigger92

    Hope: that Clemson doesnt wear orange jersey’s and pants.

    Fear: that our O line struggles and keeps Clemson in the game for 4 quarters.

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  10. Biggest hope is that we have a complete team, no one is out for COVID, injuries, or jail. No surprise transfers, either.

    Biggest worry is having a complete spring and summer practice schedule. We saw the results with Arkansas of that, and Clemson will beat the brakes off of us if our o-line or offense is out of sync. Will we finally be able to play more than one half of football?

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  11. ugafidelis

    Biggest hope: Clemson 2014
    Biggest fear: Boise 2011. All the way down to the uniforms.

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  12. akascuba

    Biggest fear injuries or loss of eligibility to key players before big games aka:the curse continues. Second biggest the O line is exposed as not ready for prime time.
    Best hope kicking Dabo’s ass all the back to that mistake by the lake becoming the #1 ranked team. Standing ranked that way all the way to the NC. If I get to choose.

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  13. originaluglydawg

    The ESPN crew picks Clemson.
    The ESPN crew picks UGA.

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  14. armydawg

    I want the offense to come out smokin’ and get ahead by 4 scores.
    I dread that if that happens Kirby goes back to manball in the second half and plays not to lose.
    We need to attack & keep on attacking like Seal Team 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  15. Sandford Stadium full to the gills.
    Injuries anywhere but especially the secondary.


  16. charlottedawg

    One thing I hope to see, a W, second would be the offense finally playing well against a legit member of the perrenial CFP club.

    Biggest worry is that this virus still won’t be under control and we won’t be able to attend the game in person.

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    • RangerRuss

      CD, I really hope you get to attend that game. Being an expat Dawg and having them play at your home in an important game has to be special. Give ’em hell.


  17. gotthepicture

    Good play from at least 1 CB
    Solid OL play

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  18. Bank of America Stadium for the actual opener.


  19. I want the W…and I want to see our linebackers have hostile takeovers in Clemson’s backfield all game long. I’d love to see our team apply defensive pressure every time Clemson has the ball…6 sacks on their QB would be awesome…also if our O line can set the stage for the entire season by building the great red & black wall of Georgia and give JT time to execute, I might just get to witness nirvana on my TV. GATA boys, GATA

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  20. Ozam

    Munson: Me worry? And no thank you I’ll hold my own beer.


  21. TN Dawg

    A Georgia victory
    A Beth Mowins/Mark Jones broadcast team


    • stoopnagle

      No chance. You’re getting Fowler and Herbie and you’re gonna like it.

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      • Russ

        I’d rather have Mowins.

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      • I wish they had the balls to do a fan poll on herbie. Me on radio: “we got a off tackle run for 5 yards by Todd Gurley”

        Herbie on tv: “aoisdhfads/olfj/adjf/pjadf/psadjfdsjafp’jsda’jds’pfjp’dasfj’padsjf’jasdnegjiannrfhjgoasjhgo/niasrgo;insadf;oinnoin;vj0’daijf’oipasjg’opasjndg’0asdmng’0osaidngo’aindgo’indsa’0s’0’aiospngf’iowapdj’oiujert’0iaej’oiamnf’0jdaf’0and’f0jna0idi04jh0hao’infoiandf’0ajdf’0jdaf0’jasf’0jasd0’340-4u5j0’aonjgfidwna’pfoijase’0of0’are9u04jaso’ingf’04ut’t’poijr’0jnafuy43[0u43-9jas’ofj0’aut5r[4-j0’ejahg’0gj90430′-0awj4’0easj0’jfgawju4-‘t9ua’gj’0agj0-‘edjg’-0ajgj4-9-34j’-ajg-‘awej’er-g’-34j-4j-‘g-4”


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  22. My only worry, same worry for all big openers, is its a big opener. Who has injuries, who has suspensions, who has something something? Who’s on China virus protocol. Which team is mentally ready to hit all cylinders and hum vs lights to bright? And – its just not predictable really.

    Turnovers and penalties huge in a game anytime, but in a big opener, perhaps more so. And 3 and outs.

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  23. fisheriesdawg

    Biggest hope: 75k in the stands, me included
    Biggest fear: the kind of loss that leads to us being the first one-loss SEC champ left out of the playoff


  24. What I want to see: An elite offense capable of scoring 38+ on any defense it plays.

    What I’m worried about: The OL.

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    • HirsuteDawg

      Yep, I’m concerned about the O line and the defensive backs myself. I’m too old, too fat and too slow to get out there and help ’em; so all I can do is fret now and cheer them on later. Go you Hairy Dawgs!

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  25. stoopnagle

    Want: offense to go through Clemson like shit through a goose
    Worried: getting blown out, not showing up like Clemson is in the SEC West or something

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  26. TripleB

    I hope we come out ready and dominate.
    I worry we do that thing where we look like a dear in the headlights that happens every so often.

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  27. I really want to see us make a statement by blowing them out. All phases clicking and well prepared. All business, no sloppiness.

    I don’t want to see a messy loss, full of gaffes, turnovers, poor execution, penalties, making their offensive stars look like early Heisman candidates and then suffer the mindless cheerleader comments on here about how “all our goals are in front of us”, “Kirby’s on the mother”, “this game didn’t matter”, etc.

    I still hate Danny Cheating Ford…make them pay!

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    • I think “a win is a win” is one of my least fav comments. When you barely squeak out a win against trash (not the case in clemson), you got a lot of problems. Sure, its not a loss, but it actually did prevent you from your goals because you got a lot of problems ahead. I would also like to see a very on point team, even in a close game. “gaffes, turnovers, poor execution, penalties” – those are the things that worry me in an opener.


  28. PTC DAWG

    2 rooms reserved in Charlotte, I hope they allow fans….

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