Mark Richt has regained control of his wardrobe.

Looks good, too.


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  1. Spoke to Coach Richt briefly last week here in Athens. Glad he’s splitting his time between here and Destin.

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  2. debbybalcer

    Would love for him to head up the Paul Oliver Network. I think it was a great network for former players and should be a great recruiting tool for Kirby.

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    He’s not on the ACC payroll anymore? The beard adds 10 years IYAM, and no one did.


  4. He is so easy to like. He could have told all of us to jump off a cliff in 2015, but he has continued to be a supporter of the program he revived. He is a Damn Good Dawg. I would love to see Kirby get him reengaged with the program through the Paul Oliver Network and as a guest speaker to the team.

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  5. This was the beginning of a new era for us, and the beginning of the end of UT.

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    • Greg

      Yep….was there for that one. That was the loudest (Travis Stephens) and quietest (Haynes) game I have ever been too…..all in the same day. The stadium was indeed shaking, couldn’t hear the person next to me talking, you just couldn’t do it.

      Don’t think I have ever seen a crowd empty out that quick either. No orange flags (cars) could been seen either.

      A beautiful day….

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      • One of the posters known as Mark

        I wasn’t at that game, yet one of my favorite UGA football (sort of) stories occurred at Neyland Stadium that day.

        My boss at the time was a big Tennessee football fan. At our Monday morning staff meeting two days later, he told us that after the game when everybody was filing out of the stadium, his group was walking to their cars next to a group of understandably exuberant Georgia fans. He made eye contact with one of the Bulldogs, a young woman. She asked him, “Hey, mister, do you know when the last time Georgia beat Tennessee in Knoxville was?” Expecting her to say, ‘1980’ or some such, he said, “No, when?” She replied, “About… (looks at her watch) …18 minutes ago!”

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      • Godawg

        One of the best games I’ve attended going back to the 70s. A lot a great stories that day but the drunken UGA frat boy with a burnt hotdog hanging out of his pants singing Floppy Cock to the exiting UT fans stands out.

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    • originaluglydawg

      Whenever you’re feeling this!
      I’m hoping and betting that last year’s Florida/LSU game becomes an SEC Classic!

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    • Russ

      Great looking silver britches, too!

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    • akascuba

      Your right it was the being of the end for Fulmer and the start of people noticing that Mark Richt might have something going. Man was the next season fun 13-1. If that single pass to TE could have been completed against FU we play Miami for the MNC.

      tOSU had to complete at least three 4th and longs to stay unbeaten keeping us ranked 3rd outside looking in with one loss. Then the PI call as the game ended allowed for their game winning play. That tOSU team got so many lucky breaks that season to win the MNC against a better Miami team.

      CMR was so close several times. He like UGA just never got the needed luck to fall his way at the right time. He will always be a DGD. I sincerely hope there is a day he again part of the program. No accident he is sporting the red and black now that we have a new AD. The man was never given remotely the support Kirby has gotten in his first five years.

      It was time for a change. He deserved a classy exit not the crappy treatment he received.

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  6. Texas Dawg

    We can argue all day about his ability as a coach and recruiter, but there is NO argument on the character of this man.

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    • classiccitycanine

      Is there really a debate on his coaching legacy? I think most everyone would agree that he was a good and successful coach who was let go because couldn’t make it to the top due to a combo of his own flaws, bad luck, and an unsupportive administration.

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  7. 69Dawg

    Great man and the classiest coach ever given the way McGoofy handled things. I would have told McGoofy to Kiss my butt.

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    • Greg

      The day the announcement was made, if you didn’t know any better (watching w/ no sound)….. you’d think that Richt was the AD & McGarity was the one getting fired.

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  8. Skeptic Dawg

    I ran into Coach Richt in the Fall of 2019 in Durham on Duke’s campus as he was prepping for the Notre Dame @ Duke game. This was not too long after his heart issue. It took me a few minutes to recognize him with the beard and a few extra pounds. He noticed that I was trying to make out who he was, and he began walking towards us. Took a few minutes out of his day to chat and he could not have been friendlier. He went out of his way to speak to my son and wife, and even asked them a few questions. DGD indeed.

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    • I wrote him a letter back in 2009 or 2010, one of the really bad years when he was really getting a lot of criticism. I told him we we rooting for him and I was proud of the example he set for our University. He wrote me back with a hand-written letter on Athletic Association letterhead, very heartfelt, about that he knew what he was getting into with coaching, but he sure did appreciate to hear from people like us in the bad times. Pure class.

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    I have a Jack Davis he signed before he ever coached his first game in Athens. I won it at a raffle, he was speaking at The Fred in Peachtree City…he personalized it after the event was over. That’s been a while. Still hanging in my office. The print honored the 70th anniversary of Sanford Stadium. Dated 1999.

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  10. mg4life0331

    Man, a two thumbs and a mark richt meme day in one? We love you Senator.

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  11. Teacher Martin

    I have an unused l, signed Vanderbilt ticket. It was his first game as UGA coach.


  12. Got Cowdog

    Coach Richt is truly a nice guy. Met him twice. Once was at a pre bid meeting, he swatted me on the shoulder and said “How ’bout them Dawgs!”
    the next was after we’d won the bid, we were working in a corner of the practice field. He himself walked over and said: “Y’all can’t be here. Get your guys out of here.” He swatted me on the shoulder and said ‘How ’bout them Dawgs”
    We hauled ass.
    Still mad I didn’t get him to sign my hard hat.

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  13. armydawg

    In a closet in my den I have the box of Wheaties with his picture on it. It’s my hope that someday I’ll get him to sign it. That man is an example to all of us on how we should act and live our lives.

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