Same as it ever was

From The Athletic’s look at Florida’s defense ($$):

If you tried patching all the holes in Florida’s defense last season, the spackle aisle at Lowe’s might need to be restocked.

The damage inflicted, and self-inflicted, gave Todd Grantham’s unit the appearance of mayhem and disorganization, surrendering 30.8 points per game, which represented 1) the worst in program history; 2) nearly double what the 2019 defense allowed; and 3) cause to harangue one of college football’s highest-paid coordinators.

Grantham’s 30-year résumé provides the cachet to survive a terrible season, even one in which the Gators slipped into the bottom half of the FBS in third-down percentage (72nd), yards allowed per play (85th), yards per pass attempt (88th) and pass-efficiency defense (96th). Now comes the offseason retooling to make sure there isn’t a repeat.

Coach Dan Mullen and Grantham, having evaluated the pre-snap chaos that led to misalignments, are revisiting communication methods.

“Do we get the calls in in time? Do we get the calls made to the defense on the field in time?” Mullen said this week. “If the guys make the call, then do we make the formational adjustment in time when you’re seeing no-huddle. Part of it is a little sense of urgency issue.

Dude, poor communication is Grantham’s 30-year résumé.

If I had a dollar for every time a Grantham-coached player looked befuddled before the snap, I’d be a wealthy man.  In other words, Dan, good luck getting that fixed this offseason.  Maybe Towel Boy can offer a few choice suggestions.


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50 responses to “Same as it ever was

  1. My first thought was this makes me even more sad we lost.

    I was also very wrong after shouting it from the rooftops Grantham would get fired. I assumed someone would need to take the blame and also Florida would see the easy numbers right there.

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    • Same here. Although from our first offensive touchdown moving forward that day, it was apparent we were more cursed that outmanned. QB1 and a WR go out on the touchdown, Cine knocks out the best offensive weapon Florida has but knocked himself out in the same play, and our secondary was done after that. Lots of guys on D playing with busted wheels and lacking our most dominant Pass rusher in Davis, and the stars just didn’t align. If we play with a healthy D we win, and I am pretty sure that the knowledge of Grantham’s weaknesses would have given the Mailman a banner day, to boot.

      Redemption Tour 2.0 this Fall…I can’t wait. Icing on the cake will be getting our hands on 404error at the end after a year of Tech fans barking about how Georgia opted out of COFH because we were “scared” (of what…the Baby Huey punter?). There many be times in the coming season we may need to ask the children to leave the room because the beatings will be too graphic to watch.

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  2. You run around maniacally waiving a towel like it’s on fire ONE time, and your entire existence is summed up as Towel Boy. Kid’s probably a PhD candidate whose thesis will cure cancer. But he’ll always be Towel Boy.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I think grantham is doing a terrific job and don’t appreciate the criticism🙂

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  4. David D

    I doubt Grantham will be around after 2021, regardless of the record. I’ll actually be surprised if Mullen sticks around, too. Despite the denials, that whole NFL thing will only become more appealing when Florida remains status quo or worse.

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    • 79dawg

      What, is his lease up at the end of the year or something?


    • theotherdoug

      Leaving right before the shit hits the fan is Grantham’s resume. Mullen? Do you really think a NFL team is after him?

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    • rigger92

      Ever been to hogtown? There isnt anywhere “nice”. It’s a small handful of classic Victorian homes surrounded by shit. I think we all can kind of laugh at the “GA Club” development, which I’m sure is nice, but that doesn’t exist down there. Gville sucks. Yeah, Ocala and the villages? There is fun to be had there.


  5. pdawg30577

    I hope his “resume cachet” is enough to keep him in Gainesville forever.

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  6. timphd

    The article describes Cox as good with the pass rush but not “stout and disciplined” against the run. That would be why he lost his position and left UGA. Looks like he still hasn’t learned, which Kirby would not have tolerated.

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    • Russ

      I watched him whenever the Gators were on TV. He’s hell-bent on rushing the QB. I can’t remember the times he actually held the edge to contain a play, though. Constantly running around him to the outside.

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  7. siskey

    I have said it on here a million times but the indelible memory of Grantham for me will always be the bookends of the 2013 season. Game 1 against Clemson our CBs looking over to the sideline in a manner to borrow from Robert Earl Keen “like a cow looking at a new gate” as Boyd, Watkins and the crew threw the ball over their heads, fast forward to game 13 against Nebraska (and their must less vaunted passing attack) and seeing the same crew Mauger, JHC, et al. doing the same gesticulations as they gave up a 99 yard TD mere moments after I screamed to the TV “they are going to score a 99 yard TD.” Grantham is a hell of a coach, he just needs more time.

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    • Like a cow looking at a new gate. Thats a new one for me.


    • Greg

      can’t remember which game it was, but I remember one game where it was so loud, the DB’s couldn’t hear what our linebacker was saying for the adjustment for the backend.

      none of the backend knew the hand signals meaning when they tried that….they couldn’t adjust to the offensive set because of this. A couple of players admitted this after the game.

      This stuff is taught on the B team level in HS…..couldn’t believe what I was reading.

      but who knows, there are probably two sides to the story…..maybe like the players couldn’t remember the hand signals meaning, it was taught in practice (“Granthamitt”)….they just couldn’t get it.

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    • I also remember them giving up 200 yds passing the first half to a Paul Johnson offense which deserves some type of trophy. Thank Dawg for Gurley in the second half/OT.

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  8. Greg

    “surrendering 30.8 points per game, which represented 1) the worst in program history”

    He also broke one at UGA, I believe it was his last year there or the year before.

    But…..“GRANTHAMITT” , at least he is consistent. He has that going for him.

    Not his fault if the players can’t get it.

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  9. gastr1

    Wow. It’s as if everything we ever thought about Grantham was packaged into a neat little paragraph for the world to digest. Sometimes the posts just write themselves, eh, Senator?

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  10. whybotherdude

    I just hope when the Portal Master moves on he anoints the Towel Prince the ruler of the swamp.

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  11. sniffer

    And yet we still lost to them.

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  12. originaluglydawg

    Does anyone think that Grantham or Mullens (or both) ordered the late hit on SB’s shoulder? I can’t prove it, of course. But I lean heavily towards believing it.
    Dawgs need to humiliate those clowns this year.


  13. MGW

    Grantham’s defense is like a really fast car that breaks down a lot, and all the instrument panels are written in Japanese.


  14. Crazy that in year 3-4 or whatever of a Grantham coached defense that they’re not able to get organized and are backsliding. Never saw it coming.

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  15. TripleB

    So true!