SEC questions

Paul Myerberg’s SEC preview piece asks one question about every program in the conference.  It turns out those questions are a pretty good indication of what’s in store.

  • Alabama:  Can Bryce Young pick up where Mac Jones left off?
  • Arkansas:  Can the Razorbacks average 30 points per game?
  • Auburn:  Will coach Bryan Harsin get the most out of Nix?
  • Florida:  Will the offense look dramatically different?
  • Georgia:  Is this the best team in the SEC?
  • Kentucky:  Who wins the quarterback competition?
  • LSU:  Can the defense find its footing?
  • Mississippi State:  Can the defense repeat 2020?
  • Missouri:  Will it be by-committee in the backfield?
  • Ole Miss:  Will the defense make any noticeable gains?
  • South Carolina:  What would make new coach Shane Beamer a success?
  • Tennessee:  How bad is it going to get?
  • Texas A&M:  Are the Aggies headed to the playoff?
  • Vanderbilt:  Can Vanderbilt win two in the SEC?

It seems like the SEC breaks down into four categories:  (1) teams with quarterback questions (Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Kentucky, TAMU); (2) teams with defensive questions (LSU, MSU, Ole Miss); (3) teams that are in rebuild mode (South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt); and (4) the rest (Georgia).

With regard to category 1, ‘Bama is likely to be just fine and Florida and TAMU will both probably be fine.  The rest?  Who knows.  LSU is a good bet to bounce back on defense, but the future for the defenses at both Mississippi schools is murky.  The rebuild schools aren’t going to be a factor in the divisional races, although you’d think just on an any given Saturday basis, one of ’em will probably pull off an upset that will be proclaimed as proof the new coach has turned things around.

It’ll be up to Georgia’s secondary to provide a positive answer to Paul’s question.


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  1. akascuba

    I think the front seven is good enough to get needed pressure while the back four gets it’s OJT learning sorted out. QB pressure will mask a lot of secondary problems.
    I’m still concerned about the O line keeping JT upright and healthy. With all the talent Luke has to work with I hope they find the right mix.

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    • Russ

      I agree with you on our defense. I think an increased emphasis on pressure will pay off.

      I’m an optimist, so I don’t share your worries about the OL. We have lots of talent there, and Luke knows what he’s doing. He’ll have it dialed in by the time the season starts. Plus Monken seems to know how to best use the offensive talent he has, and I include OL in that. Meaning he’ll call plays that our OL should be able to handle (no between the tackles into an 8 man box).


  2. armydawg

    If the culture, desire and attitude is in place, the wins will come.

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  3. Down Island Way

    Georgia: Is this the best team in the SEC?…Don’t question UGA football, get on board and enjoy the ride, scenery is good, women look marvelous…come trophy time you’ll feel like a million….

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  4. Derek

    Doesn’t he mean Bill O’Brien picking up from where sark left off? If I’ve learned anything from the comments around here its that the kid actually playing qb does not matter, only his coach. So, Joe Burrow = Greyson Lambert but because Joe Brady >>>>>>> Brian Schottenheimer, burrow goes 15-0, wins heisman and is no. 1 pick while Greyson fails miserably through no fault of his own.


    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      You may be saying this somewhat tongue in cheek Derek but there is an element of truth here too. Not saying that Brady would turn Greyson Lambert into a #1 draft pick but Burrow doesn’t go 15-0 and win the Heisman with Schitty coaching him either.


  5. Godawg

    “Tennessee: How bad is it going to get?” I don’t know but I’ve got the popcorn ready to go.


  6. mg4life0331

    Who’s Tennessee gonna upset to show they’re back? Georgia state?

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  7. RangerRuss

    You’re gotdam right the Dawgs are the best team in the SEC. Now go out and play like you are.

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  8. charlottedawg

    Is georgia the best team in the sec not named alabama



  9. godawgs1701

    For a second I was worried that you’d forgotten about the secondary – I’d definitely put UGA into the category of teams with defensive questions.


  10. Greg

    will say it again….dawgs secondary gets better.


    • Derek

      Its possible. Who is the corner opposite Ringo?

      Who plays the nickel spot?

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      • Greg

        tough to say, they will get most of that figured out spring and fall imo. Plenty of talent to choose from

        I believe they finished ranked #88 nationally regular season last year with all of that talent. The pass coverage slowly regressed the 2 years Warren was there.

        Gonna be hard not to improve imo…..especially with the new guy coming in, which I believe finished #1 ranked nationally.

        Excited to see what he can do….Ringo seems to be a stud. Gonna have some head hunters back there…..some recievers “hearing footsteps”.

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        • Derek

          They’ve taken big safeties and bigger lbs out of the game. Safeties now are more often than than not just less athletic corners. Thomas Davis and Greg Blue are ILB’s.

          I think we have a good shot at not noticing who we lost in the defensive backfield. Better?

          I’ll need to see it.

          The good news is that I don’t see a lot of teams on the schedule that are going to stress our dbs. Hopefully they get good enough by the time we need them.


          • Greg

            Agree….the way the offenses have changed thru the years (speed, pace, spread & etc). These positions you mentioned have changed.

            You need more of an athlete back there…..all 7.

            Really miss Roquan (sp?), he was a beast. Maybe we’ll have someone to step up this year. Got a few candidates, but don’t think we have anyone with his sideline to sideline speed. If you ever wanted to find him on the field, all you had to do was look for the ball….he was there.

            Like the idea of Cine and Ringo (size, speed, lay wood?- don’t know yet) in the backfield. A receiver will have to think twice before trying to make a reception if Ringo can bring it like Cine.

            Just not completely sure about the coverage skills yet.

            Nonetheless, just think it may be hard to not improve based on what we saw last season.

            Proofs in the pudding, but I feel optimistic.


            • Greg

              Also thinks the pass rush could possibly be stronger….which will give the DB’s better opportunities, if QB is rushing.


  11. This list reads more like a set of questions asked at the freeze-frame moment of an episode of the Dukes of Hazzard…

    Will Josh Hype-all claim an unofficial national championship when he beats Vanderbilt for the Volunteers’ lone win of the 21 season?
    Will 3rd and Grantham finally blow an artery in his head as he yells at a Disney character during the Gator’s trip to the Citrus Bowl?
    Will Mike Bobo secretly destroy the Tiger program from the inside out?

    After these messages…

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  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Shouldn’t UF be in categories (1) and (2)? In light of the post about Grantham and communication? Jes’ sayin’


  13. tiredofidsearch

    I would put us in the category 2, teams with defensive questions…..