Stay classy, Vols.

Honestly, I don’t know why programs still pull this petty sort of bullshit.  We know how this will likely wind up — media gets ahold of it and after a ton of unnecessary negative publicity, the school relents.  What’s the point of the exercise, other than to piss off people?

Remember, too, that comes on top of this genius move.  Way to go, fellas.


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  1. Ran A

    Took a quick look. It was down to UT and Auburn. I kind of like the idea of him not being able to play at Auburn. And that’s a selfish point of view. Central Florida sounds pretty good though… 🙂

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  2. Greg

    to teach them a lesson?


      • Greg

        commitment, limitations on schools, delay on a future school, to feel the pain??

        Don’t know, it was a question on my part. Obviously can’t speak for the Turds. Don’t agree with it, but good recruiting tool for the Dawgs imo.

        For all I know, they may be trying to dissuade others from doing it, to make it a pain in the ass to do so. They’ve done more stupid shit than this….par for the course.


  3. 86bone

    And I thought the only train wreck was what I just went thru in central Texas!

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    I’m telling y’all, it’s just so much fun to see those stupid hillbillies keep shooting themselves in the foot. Who runs that idiot school, Jethro Bodine??? 😂🤣😂


  5. MGW

    Just another sign that UT is ultimately controlled by a bunch of crusty old-school business men with no concept of the realities of the year 2021.


  6. Scotty King

    Wasn’t/Isn’t this a league rule? Are things different due to Corona?

    I guess perseverance caught the last train out along with commitment and sportsmanship.

    Now, get off my lawn.

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  7. practicaldawg

    I hope he faces them in a bowl game. Oh wait, yeah not gonna happen.

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  8. argondawg

    the following tweet from this guy says he is now free to transfer wherever he wants

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  9. uga97

    “…..has now been released from his Letter of Intent by @Vol_Football only under the condition he not sign with another @SEC team, AND that he leaves his #1 Bigmac with Fries Bag on the counter upon exit…”

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  10. originaluglydawg

    Tennessee didn’t have any problem accepting a player that wanted to transfer from Georgia though, did they?
    What a double standard (although that was under Phil and Jeremy).
    And don’t worry Heupel.
    All you need is for the kid’s pa to cut his finger off while visiting the school the kid transfers to.
    That’ll bring him back most ricky tick.

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  11. Whiskey Dawg

    Danny White wants to remind you that Tennessee is unbeaten in the 2021 season. A team with such a stellar record takes a Letter of Intent seriously and Georgia looks too sexy out there in the East by itself.


  12. PTC DAWG

    Pretty soon, mid season transfers will be the thing.


  13. fisheriesdawg

    Welcome to the big leagues, boys. This sort of thing doesn’t get covered at UCF. Even at a dumpster fire like Tennessee, it’s immediately under the microscope.

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  14. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    wait didn’t pinky less mays dad kid get to play immediately. wtf?


  15. akascuba

    Welcome to the SEC and grown man football. Where the lessons for dumbassery and stupid shit Mr.self appointed NC Danny White come at you really fast and hard. Enjoy your race with Vandy to perennial cellar dweller in the East.

    Oh remember when you said no one wanted to play your school? Have no fear everyone wants to play your school now.

    Stand by to get some.

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  16. rigger92

    Watch out. Now we get the weekend where nothing happens. I love the senator’s posting but the dark period looms from late Feb to July.

    The (e)mail posts have been fun. Let’s hope they continue.

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  17. stoopnagle

    LOL. Vols.


  18. “Momma…we gonna need us some more popcorn!”

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  19. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Who is Ryan Brown and why should we care what he thinks? If the kid’s that good and not gonna sign with Georgia I don’t want to face him in the SEC either.


  20. Screw Tennessee! That program deserves to be where it is. Between my experience almost every trip to Knoxville since the 90s and the signs for Nick Chubb in 2017, UT is easily tied with my most hated rival. I’d take Red Stick over Knoxville a million times over. I could go on about why I think they deserve whatever bad stuff comes their way but that’ll do. Please go ahead and burn bridges with what little high school talent is in that state.