Musical palate cleanser, blue and new edition

This may be a quasi-snobbish observation, but, as much as I love the blues, a lot of contemporary stuff leaves me cold.

Fortunately that’s not the case for Brit blues artist Errol Linton’s No Entry album that was recently released (h/t).  It’s such a relaxed, clean and easy sounding record.  As Sal mentions in the linked piece, there’s no overplaying.  It’s not a record that tries to get in your face with instrumental or vocal virtuosity.  It just finds a groove and stays there.

He senses a little Sonny Boy and Mayall vibe.  Me, I hear this song and feel like Linton’s channeling some Slim Harpo.  See what you think.


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4 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, blue and new edition

  1. KingMackeral


    You are single-handedly responsible for blowing my self-mandated monthly budget on full album purchases.

    Please stop posting these. Ignore that.



  2. Scotty King

    Would have fit right in on Exile On Main Street.


  3. ‘RadoDawg

    Digging this a lot. Some tracks even drift into reggae territory. Thank you for the rec.



    Good call…


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