“The QBs”

Here’s an entertaining 30-minute look at what Todd Monken will have in his quarterback room this spring.

Beck vs. Vandagriff is one topic to follow.  Wither JT? is another.  With regard to the former, given Vandagriff’s physical issue, at least in the short run, it’s an open question for me.  As for Daniels, I think the guys have it right when they say Monken’s Job One this offseason is working on JT’s mechanics.

That being said, JT’s got a high floor, to say the least, based on what he accomplished last season.  Watch those clips from the Mississippi State game carefully.  MSU sold out on defense — and the Bulldogs weren’t bad on that side of the ball — with the idea that they’d make a quarterback who hadn’t played in sixteen months and was coming back from a knee injury beat them.  And Daniels did exactly that.  His first touchdown pass to Pickens was, in my humble opinion, his most impressive throw of the year.

But the other thing from that game was the three-play series that culminated in the 3rd down TD bomb to Jackson.  Watch all three plays in sequence and marvel at how Monken’s scheme has receivers open all over the field, play after play.

This offense has a chance to be special in 2021.


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  1. Does Daniels need work on his mechanics? Yes, but I hope that doesn’t affect his ability to play. It’s the classic case of the golfer who has to think about mechanics on the course. He’s done because he’s playing golf swing rather than playing golf. I hope Monken finds the right balance between coaching mechanics and getting into Daniels’s head.

    On Beck vs. Vandagriff, Beck has to have the edge right now given being in the system for a year and Vandagriff’s knee rehab. I’m guessing we’ll know soon after spring practice. If Beck is still in Athens this summer, he has a fighting chance to win the back-up job in 2021.

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    • Down Island Way

      Once again, the UGA staff is gonna earn their pay this spring and summer workouts…when fall rolls around on the calendar, work will be easier and fun to watch…with the rehab question flying about, don’t forget Mr. Daniels and his issues…one of the things he could do prior to the injury was run/escape…


    • rigger92

      I like it when y’all bring up golf now and then. I played myself down to a 9 about ten years ago, I miss it. Haven’t played in at least 5 years now.

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    • Russ

      Dead on about JT. “Better” is the enemy of “good enough”.


    • ASEF

      Daniel’s footwork is likely to be THE differentiator in that game where the offense has to carry the team across the finish line. And it’s likely his key to landing in the first round. So, high mutual interest in getting that right.

      It’s a limited issue of just a better foundation for driving the long ball. It’s not like trying to re-invent Tebow’s wind-up and release.

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      • I understand that. That’s why I said there’s a balance to be struck. When Tiger went through swing changes with Butch Harmon after 1997, he said it took effort on the course during events to stick with what he was working on. All of that got him ready to explode in 2000, but it took hard work to make it natural. I just don’t want Daniels having to think about mechanics during games when he should be focused on the defense.


        • ASEF

          I’m just suggesting these specific mechanics issues are probably an easier correction than some of the takes on them suggest. He took a long time off, which lowers the amount of inertia on the muscle memory issues. And coaching has come a long way in helping guys rep their way out of poor lower body habits. And it’s not every throw, just the way he plants and torques on the long balls.


  2. theotherdoug

    Daniels knee should be as good as it’s going to be this summer, so I agree that Monken and Company are going to work hard on his mechanics. I’m still worried that the knee isn’t going to ever be back to normal though. In that event Daniels is still good enough to lead the team to the playoffs and be competitive there. I can live with that.


  3. armydawg

    I believe in the magic healing hands of Ron Courson. He has proven time and again that he can bring players back from gruesome injuries. If JT can come back from the knee, Courson will have him ready to rock & roll. Now get Monken to work on the techniques and we have a thermonuclear QB to turn loose on the SEC and beyond.


  4. Whether it’s mechanics or mentality, it’s clear Daniels needs to improve his deep ball given the system Monken uses. We’re going to take deep shots and we need those plays to end up being walk-in TDs rather than 40-yard completions on underthrown balls. That’s the difference between a very good offense and an elite one, IMO. When the shot plays are there to be made… make them.

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  5. originaluglydawg

    What a situation! Going to be fun to watch, knowing that all of these guys are talented and full of potential!
    Eventually, we’ll have to lose one of them to a transfer, but who can blame a kid with so much talent, for wanting to play (and thrive).
    Good luck to them all!


  6. dawgphan34

    Daniels will need to be a finalist and shatter all the records if UGA is going to win a national title. That much seems clear.

    Obviously UGA fans think he can do it, but what do others think of Daniels chances of being a finalist.

    Probably not surprising that Bruce Feldman isnt high on Daniels chances, at least to some Dawg fans. He answered a mailbag question about it in a recent podcast.

    Vegas had Daniels @ +1800, good for 6th best odds. But this was right after the season.

    This line from a little later has him @ +700 and 3rd best odds.

    This site has him @ +1225, good for 5th best.

    So vegas and the betting public is thinking that Daniels is likely a top 5 Heisman guy but not a finalist.

    Does top 5 get it done for Georgia? Would a top 5 type of season from Daniels be enough for UGA to win a title.


    • TN Dawg

      Daniels is a legit shot for Heisman numbers, largely because after Clemson it’s a cake walk schedule.

      Florida is the only competent opponent. He will enter Atlanta 11-1 or 12-0 with some gaudy numbers. Whether or not that holds up against Bama remains to be seen, though that will likely have more to do with what the OL looks like than what Daniels does.

      So does Top 5 get it done? Nope.

      Because that means he flopped against Bama or lost another game regular season.

      If UGA finishes the year with three losses or more, the season is an unmitigated disaster.


  7. Woah woah woah! I’m excited about the possibilities but I’m not ready for the Heisman and record breaking expectations. He still needs to get better before any of that happens, imo. I believe it’s certainly possibly but just a little replay watching exposes some flaws or bad tendencies. An actual full off-season, spring and preseason will tell us a lot about this offensive staff.