There’s a reason they call him The Portal Master™.

Florida may not have done so well with its 2021 recruiting class (although, to be fair, it’s not bad, either), but the Gators cleaned up on the transfer front.

The Florida Gators are the runaway winner of the transfer portal for 2021 according to the 247Sports ratings. Florida signed the top two rated players the entire portal and also added important depth on the interior defensive line. Tight end Arik Gilbert was one of the best in the SEC as a true freshman for LSU in 2020 and will be expected to step in and start in the role vacated by Florida tight end Kyle Pitts, who is off to the NFL Draft. Gilbert received a rating of 99 in high school and keeps that lofty rating here. The odds are good of Gilbert being a rare transfer non-QB being drafted in the first round.

Running back Demarkcus Bowman was also a five star in high school and keeps his rating after transferring a few weeks into his freshman season at Clemson. The ratings team believes his ability is unchanged. Penn State defensive tackle transfer Antonio Shelton received a grade of 87 and is expected to start for the Gators, while Auburn defensive tackle Daquan Newkirk was graded an 81. The ratings team expects Newkirk to provide good depth.

As Dirty Harry once said, a man’s gotta know his limitations.


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33 responses to “There’s a reason they call him The Portal Master™.

  1. Dawg in Austin

    Still no word one the one-time transfer rule, right? And no SEC announcement on its rule either? Gators are obviously confident in the chances it happens.

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  2. Ran A

    Yep; but we should all recognize that they did add two 5 stars and two solid defensive players out of the portal, which softens the blow of other losses they took big time.

    At the end of the day, UF went to an offense that was built around a quick release QB and a strong receiving group for two reasons. (1). The O-Line would not stand up to the Georgia’s, Bama’s and LSU’s. (2). Average to good running backs.

    Now they have a much more mobile QB and ‘in theory’ a stud running back. But the line might even take a step back. And knowing they will take a step back (over-all) on the receiving side (Toney) and with a less accurate QB.

    We’ll see… But I still think they will have to fight off Mizzou for 2nd and that Georgia handles them rather handily this year.

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    • chicagodawgfan

      Agree with you. I’m not a UF fan by any means (FTMF), but they definitely added some top notch talent while filling some big holes on both sides of the ball.

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      • James A Mercer Jr

        How did UGA miss out on the transfer from WVA who was an experienced DB? He was originally from Kennesaw, GA and our current DB coach had coached him. Was it the he was not good enough? He didn’t like GA? He seemed content to go to Auburn. Is it that CKS doesn’t want to use the portal? Enquiring minds want to know.

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  3. originaluglydawg

    Any bass fishing tournament guys here?
    You know the strategy.
    First, catch your limit.
    Second, keep fishing and culling your smaller fish. Replacing them with bigger ones.
    This isn’t fair to the kids that rode the pine, paid their dues and were excited about their place on the depth chart.
    That two pound bass that you caught this morning? Well, here’s a three.
    “Splash”, you’re culled, kid. You can waste your time sitting here or get out.
    What’s that going to do to team attitude and the effort of the forgotten (screwed). I promise you it isn’t sitting well with the established kid that thought he was due to start.
    Yep, Georgia has done it too and has been bitten by it too.
    But Mullens is making it his primary team building strategy.
    He already has a negative reputation among Florida HS coaches and thus kids. The coaches resent this shit being done to their kids.
    I hope he ends up with the player controversies he deserves.
    Yeah..those four letters.

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    • otto1980

      We shall see I don’t so much disagree as have an absence of faith in kids not signing. I remember when Saban was getting trashed for kids getting processed out or being forced on to medical scholarships. The BS coaches can get away with is amazing. If he wins the kids will come, if he doesn’t we all know what happens. Smart has been trashed by some for his management of QBs but UGA just signed a top QB and has another committed.

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      • Derek

        Yep. You can be a total soulless bastard to kids and no one cares…if you win.

        Pretty sad commentary on society if you ask me.

        Do you know what will make that worse? Paying them.

        Once the veneer of amateurism is stripped away they’ll be nothing more than chattel. You’ll be seen as a committed loser if you don’t rid your roster of those without “value” at the end of every season.

        “Saban don’t got time for no kids ain’t got endorsements! Kirby don’t get it!”


        • RangerRuss

          The “students/players” seem to have that attitude now. It’s not so much about what they can do for the team. It’s all about how soon the team can get them into the League. Redshirt sophomores giving up two years eligibility. But, I understand. I went to college to improve my chances of being financially successful.

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    • amurraycuh

      You raise a valid point. I think it is akin to college basketball where you can build a team from scratch and develop them. Or you can recruit the grad transfers and super 1-and-done players – aka UK under Calipari. There are multiple ways to get there. The key is to win. If you are winning, they will continue to come as otto says above.
      If not, then the transfer route is a more difficult recovery with a coaching change.


  4. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    maybe all those 5 stars(less Gilbert) have a B.cox “setting the edge flaw” to them.
    who cares. hard to see how dawgs lose to the turds.

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  5. W

    If I was a gator fan, I’d be happy. Not like we weren’t going after Gilbert. Bama and OU and others are plundering lesser teams. Wish we could steal a CB or two.

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    • They got some decent players, but we dont need any of those guys (albeit, you can never have enough linemen and elite D line is really rare now). We need CBs to stay around longer, but the NFL needs them just as much as everyone, so its an easy paycheck decision.

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      • W

        I agree, but I don’t get this thread trashing Mullen when he seriously upgraded their roster thru the portal. Wish we’d do the same.


        • dawg100

          We have TWO schollies available. TWO.

          Those are for transfer DBs after we missed on 2 DBs in signing period. (I’d bet one is very likely for the WVU grad transfer DB)

          If Podlesny gets the other, we are done.

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        • originaluglydawg

 answered your own thought. It’s an opportunity to trash Mullen.
          We can’t just ignore an opportunity like that.
          But I’d say the discussion here is more on the wisdom (or in Mullen’s case the necessity) of building your roster heavily through transfers.
          Some (me) say it’s going to eventually be exposed as a negative.
          Some others say it’s the way to go..good or bad…winning is everything and if you build it, they will come. I suspect they are closer to being being correct than i am.
          But trashing Mullen is a thing. A good thing! Believe me, he won’t miss an opportunity to trash UGA.

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          • argondawg

            I am all for trashing Mullen. Honestly how he hasnt had a top 5 class during his time at UF is baffling. With the serious dumpster fires at Miami and FSU that state was ripe for the take over. He just doesnt care about recruiting that much. Miami recruitd better than UF this year and if FSU shows signs of life it is going to be hard to get monster classes out of Florida with that type of competition. I just dont see how Mullen will recruit nationally. He wont be there long and that is sad because his roster management is of great benefit to us.


        • RangerRuss

          W, trashing Mullen is always de rigueur.
          Fuck those motherfuckers!

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          • Down Island Way

            Attention please…it’s not that he is a wanna be “son of corch”, it’s that he sits at the head of the transport port-o-let known as FU football and commiserates with the old ball sack plus did time with the president of the douchbag society while at “hogtown u”…it’s that the Ranger has once again expanded the GTP vocabulary, it’s an honor my friend to search the web to see what the fuck you gonna come up with next….

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        • Scotty King

          I agree, W.


        • Texas Dawg

          He gets made fun of here. It’s what we are supposed to do with the enemy. Ridicule is a potent weapon. On the Gator Blogs and fan boards they trash him for his failure to adequately recruit top shelf talent to UF. Red those right after the classes are signed and the turd faithful are absolutely apoplectic that they are not in the top 3-4 classes. To be honest, with the demise of the other Power 5 schools in the state of Florida along with the plethora of talent, they really should be. Instead of using the portal to SUPPLEMENT his recruiting, he uses it IN LIEU OF recruiting (hence all the jokes about recruiting all the talent around his house on Lake Oconee). The FU faithful get exasperated with him getting outworked and out recruited but UA, UGA, LSU, Clemson.

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  6. practicaldawg

    But did they find a QB that doesn’t throw dirt balls when flushed from the pocket? I didn’t see one in the cotton bowl.

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  7. Ace Harris

    Everybody seems to forget one thing, GA got waxed by Fla. last year so don’t sell them short. I personally cannot stand Mullen or his KISSING wife but the reality is he did beat us as painful as it is.

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    • spur21

      He beat our walk on QB and a depleted defense if I remember correctly. He / they caught lightening in a bottle last year – their stars aligned – well until they didn’t.

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  8. Salty Dawg

    My lingering question is: Who’s gonna be the thrower of shoes?

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