So, not everything about the SEC just means more.  At least when it comes to scheduling at Arky, Ole Miss and TAMU.  No discounting ticket prices, though.


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  1. Russ

    Surprised to not see the Gators on that list.


  2. You forgot to include Mississippi State in the just means more category


  3. MGW

    A&M and Wisconsin stand out as the programs with no business scheduling like that. I’d rather nobody did but for the rest, I get it.

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  4. uga97

    last 5 years would seem to be more relevant.


  5. Tony BarnFart

    I’m not terribly enraged about Ole Miss, State and Arkansas having done this. Moreover, I’d like to see the raw numbers….I’m sure the disparity is a result of an FCS every year. The better question is why does Alabama (who is not on this list) schedule as many Group of 5 opponents as Ole Miss and Arkansas…….who I’m perfectly fine with scheduling Group of 5 opponents. And frankly, my unresearched hunch tells me those lower tier SEC west teams actually schedule spunkier, more dangerous G5 opponents than Alabama. Hell, the best Ole Miss team in 50 years lost to Memphis. State regularly goes on the road to G5 teams, which even if motivated by financial savings is actually a practice worth of applause on the “preserving interest in the game” front than platitudes about playoff expansion.


  6. I’ll have Meaningful Regular Seasons for 2,000, Alex!


  7. originaluglydawg

    Looking at that list, there is one school that is different from the rest. Only NC State is east of Mississippi (the state not the river). Not a single team from Ga, SC, FL, AL,TN, etc. All midsouth to the west coast. That’s weird but there has to be a reason for it.
    No, I don’t know the reason.
    No, I don’t think it’s purely coincidental.