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That sound you hear is a steady drip.

Every day, something else.

When head football coach Les Miles was the subject of a sexual harassment investigation in 2013 at LSU, the university’s former human resources director says he got a call he has never forgotten.

The call prompted the HR director, A.G. Monaco, to report the harassment allegations against Miles up LSU’s chain of command, including to two former LSU presidents, he said. But he said he saw no action from them, and furthermore, that a copy of the investigation never made it to human resources, in apparent contravention of university policy.

… The episode sheds new light on LSU’s handling of sexual harassment complaints against Miles, at the time a towering figure on campus, as university officials prepare to release a broader review of how LSU has dealt with such episodes over the years. The review, being led by the law firm Husch Blackwell, which was hired by the university, is expected to be made public late next week.

Monaco’s allegations suggest that LSU’s heralded athletic department worked to keep complaints about misconduct — involving both Miles and student-athletes — in-house, rather than freely sharing them with higher-ups on the academic side of campus.

Ummm… when did LSU’s athletic department become “heralded”?  But I digress.

What’s the over/under on the number of stories that drop before the review is made public?


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Today, in tough questions

I’m just gonna leave this one hanging out there for y’all.


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