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The Portal Master™ takes a hit.

Would love to know what this is all about.

At this point, I kinda feel for the kid.  Do what’s best for yourself, Arik… although we’re both in agreement that ain’t Florida.


UPDATE:  This hasn’t aged well… and it’s just from this morning.



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One down, ten to go

Well now, Clemson no longer has eleven returning defensive starters for the opener against Georgia.

Kendrick is talented — he was first team all-ACC in 2020 — but apparently something of a head case, managing to be benched twice during the same season.  There was some speculation that he would have turned pro, but…

Hmmm… redemption home.  Is that in Auburn or Orlando these days?


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“You just had to be there.”

Was this the greatest game I ever watched in Sanford Stadium?

Honestly, it might be, if I thought about it hard enough.  Certainly ranks in my top three.

That being said, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind whenever I see a clip of it, or even the second.  The first is that I’ve never heard a louder home crowd than the one that was there for Georgia’s last (and fortunately successful) defensive stand.

The second was how Gurley’s injury was a foreshadowing of what was to come in Knoxville.  Because of the offense, that 2013 team should have been hell on wheels all season, Grantham’s ineptitude notwithstanding.  More than any other team Richt put on the field, 2013 Georgia was built to outscore every team it played, but it never got the chance after the Tennessee game.  That sucks.

But that LSU game still rules.


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Boom went the dynamite

Is this good?

It is, but, in a way, it’s like finishing fifth in the national recruiting rankings.

Either SEC pass offenses were crazy good in 2020, or nobody’s pass defense was crazy good.  Or maybe a little of both…


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Sunday reader bleg

Reader Alex sent me an email this week asking for a discussion on this:

Me, I watch that and see typical college kid dumbassery not worth a discussion, but Alex disagreeed with me:  “… I’d be interesting in seeing what the lawyers and wannabe lawyers think happens with the lawsuit”.

So, be my guest and have at it in the comments.


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